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Friday, May 27, 2016

Empty YL Roll-on Tube Hacks

Reuse & repurpose!

We shared a couple uses for the empty roll-on tube a few posts back: 

The tube protected my Deep Relief during transport on a cross country trip and made a GREAT diffuser for the victims of a horrendous 'gastro-terrorist' (AKA traveling companion) providing life-saving, breathable air for the innocent passengers. 😜😂😜😂 

2 days later it still smells FABULOUS and it's once again safeguarding Deep Relief on the return trip home.

I'm on a mission, a lengthy one, to rid my life of things that are toxic and things that don't serve me, a little at a time. Our first day of summer break today and I love the progress I have already! No, my kids aren't in my way or keeping ME busy, it's the other way around. LOL! I learned how valuable it is to TEACH the kids how to 'do life' while spending quality time together.

I was about to throw this tube away, but out of curiosity I wanted to know what it smelled like NOW. I'm 15 days past adding Purification to the tube and it still smelled so good, I thought 'I'll put it in the glovebox in the car in case I need it for diffusing again' and I set it in the pile of things that were sorted through & placed in the 'TO CAR' pile. 😊

From that, another hack is born. 😄 The USB diffuser was in the same pile & I thought...'Hmmm." And...YEP! It's perfy!

It will now store my USB diffuser in the car when not in use. Lord knows it needs the protection! 😂 I've broken the USB connection off one :-(

If you'd like to hear more about this diffuser check the blog post on convention must haves. :-)

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