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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Simple homemade organic applesauce - don't toss your brown apples!

 Maybe some other moms out there don't know this little trick yet... I'm thinking I can NOT be alone, growing up in a typical suburban middle class household with two working parents. Written by Kristina. :-)

I was blessed to be taught by my young neighbor, Miriam, that I don't have to throw away apples just because they look bad. You know what I'm talking about... This!

I live next-door to a house full of girls - seven girls, yes SEVEN, and one precious little boy. They're home-schooled and they've schooled me on quite a few things! One of many great things is what to do with apples when they're just about to go bad.

My mother didn't do any canning and we weren't big on fresh food at all. That would have been the generation before my mom and those relatives outlived her by an average of 30 years, so I'm just totally enthralled with these little ideas that come from people like my neighbors. To me, they're new and fun.

Miriam noticed all of these apples with brown spots that were looking pretty sad and I was debating what to do with them when she said, "Oh we should make applesauce." And I was like, "Nuh-uh!" (translation, "Okay!") I love to learn these tips from her and she's a teenager, so I think she likes to teach me!


(She even showed me how to use my Pampered chef Apple peeler, corer, slicer thingamajig!)  To my utter amazement, all we did after peel, core, slice and chop was cook them!! I added a tiny bit of sugar (organic cane), like a tablespoon, some fresh ground cinnamon and a drop of
YL cinnamon bark essential oil. HEAVEN!! Seriously. WHY are there grocery store shelves filled with this and taking up so much space? (More organic apple trees, please!)

So, once again I found myself in a position with a whole lot of apples that looked like trash, :-( I do buy organic and am NOT a fan of waste. Thanks to Miriam, this time I knew that instead of trash I could make some delicious homemade applesauce. AND... I could call it fresh! LOL!

This is the way things ought to be! Ya think some budget-minded mommies ought to run the budgets of this country? Yeah, me too. :-)

I was cleaning out the fridge before leaving on a little trip with my family. Too bad Miriam wasn't over to show me how to use my fancy-schmancy Pampered Chef tools this time! I peeled, cored & sliced all these guys in 15 minutes using my potato peeler & nifty little corer. (link below) I cheated--I didn't chop.

Because I was dealing with larger pieces stacked about 6 inches high in the pot 
I added water to cover about halfway and set it on medium heat and went about my packing & whatnot. About 30 min later the house was full of this amazing apple smell and the slices were cooked just right. I pulled out my hand mixer stuck it in the pot and in 30 seconds I had applesauce! I had to clean up the stove after that, but it was all good! I love that I don't have to worry when I use Thieves cleaner near my food! :-)

This time I did not add sugar and I learned no sugar is even necessary. Delicious! I also sprinkled cinnamon on top too
. Woohoo! I do like a drop or 2 of YL lemon and touch of sweetness, however it comes. (coconut sugar or coconut palm sugar or stevia are great choices, too!) Lemon oil just pulls the right amount of tart into this naturally tasty snack.

Now I'm home from the trip and the kids took the remaining applesauce in their school lunches. I feel like such a smart homemaker and momma. :-) Gave m'self some applesauce applause! After all, like my mother-in-law once said, "It's the man's job to bring home the money and the woman's job to make it look like he brings home a lot more." LOL!


I got to thinking... (sorry--can't help it) I know that there are about 60 calories in one of these smaller Granny Smith apples and wonder if there are more calories when I cook it down? Maybe it just seems like it, but I think there are! Something about the sugars, maybe? I don't understand all of that but it made me think, the more we process our food, the further we get it from it's natural state and the easier it is to eat, the higher it is in calories. Just something to think about. Still - this is a great way to rescue produce! I bet we can add pears, berries, peaches...I LOVE it! Enjoy!

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