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Friday, July 8, 2016

Ear candles - For entertainment purposes only :-)

This post came up as a memory on Facebook and made me think maybe I should be blogging instead of gigantic-posting. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. ;-)

July 2015-This weekend my son Sebastian couldn't get water out of his ear after swimming, so I ran up to our new health food store, Sprout's, ❤ and bought some ear candles. I'd done that in the past with success and if you have ear trouble and have never done this, you might want to look into it. You, of course, must check with your doctor first!
If it's something you decide to try, prepare to be equally grossed out and amazed at the same time.

I used a candle according to the instructions and I'd say we got a burnt umber crayon out of there! Then we put Young Living's Purification oil (Mmm!) on a cotton ball and gently tucked that in the ear. He laid down and out the water came! ☺
It worked and that's great, but I'm posting because of the shock I got when I read the instructions inside the ear candle box. I thought we had it bad at Young Living. LOL! Look what the FDA did to this label..."FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY".

What??? How stupid is that?! Who does this for entertainment? That's a pretty sad evening if you ask me. LOL! How's that go? "Hey Jim, you wanna go to the movies tonight?"

"Nah, we're going to put some wax-covered cheesecloth in Bubba's ears and light 'em on fahhhhr!" 

Seriously! Ancient people have used this wonderfully simple idea (it's physics, people) for centuries. Successfully. 

Geez, FDA...do something worthwhile. If you're not going to take the endocrine disrupting chemicals out of hand sanitizer and hand soap, how about you fix that 4 hour erection?

On a serious note, Purification Essential oil can help support our ears. The oil doesn't go IN the ear, but it can go on a cotton ball. Also, rubbing diluted oil around the ear can help ears that hurt- both big and little.

I also must share that the comments on my page in regard to this post had a couple horror stories of people catching things on fire in an attempt to ear-candle, including their hair! There were also successes using simple rubbing alcohol. Again - for entertainment purposes only!

Purification has a plethora of EXTREMELY valuable uses and can replace many common household toxins as well as personal care products. There are a few links below. Purification is one of 11 essential oils included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, and is a blend masterfully created by Gary Young.

     Natural Fabric Softener -  natural bug repellent  - alternative deodorant #1


               wrinkle release -  multi purpose power powder - poo-pouri

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