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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quit Sticks & other Stop-Smoking Tips

Wow! I love this idea! We posted a while back about toothpicks with benefits, (and a totally cute toothpick holder! Hee hee!) but this is a great idea for a possibly HUGE benefit.

I am a former 20+ yr. smoker (except for the occasional "Whoops, I cut off my bangs" LOL, or a twice a year girl's night out) and I first went from cigarettes to the E-cig. I knew I wanted to get off of that when I realized my red nicotine e-liquid was made in China. (Eeek) So, I made a decision. That's how changes start ;-)

In a blog I posted in November of 2015 about changing up my protein shakes while on a cleanse, I just briefly mentioned at the end, that it was a great tool to help me break bad habits, including the e-cig. I think now, it's more significant than that. Now I know what everyday life feels like without that motion of putting some form of nicotine up to my mouth in it. It doesn't have to be THAT cleanse, but I would say that if you're trying to break a bad habit like smoking, a cleanse is a very, very helpful tool...

In the past I had used Chantix, and it worked. Twice. :-) It was friggin awful, though. The hallucinations were the worst. Just when I talked myself into not giving in to believing the 'thing' I could see coming out of my wall--out of the corner of my eye, was real... I was literally saying to myself out loud, "Don't look. Nothing's there. It's just another hallucination. Don't even look! You're OK. You are FINE." And that was when there was REALLY was something there--a scorpion--trying to get out from behind the thermostat on the wall! I can still see his crispy
little legs reaching for me... Lol. It broke the habit for a while, but there was a lot of 'chemical cost' obviously, and Chantix wasn't doing anything to fix a major part of quitting for me, which is replacing 'the habit' with several healthy (and opposing) habits. 

By opposing habits, I mean things that don't go with smoking, like exercising, for example. I probably did go through a period of time when I, yes--yes, I did... when I'd go for a run and come home and have a cigarette! But that always felt so wrong. When I did finally quit, I had that good habit of exercising already firmly in place and that's the habit I would not give up. Success in lifestyle changes is all about patiently and diligently making better choices a little at a time and that's where Young Living had helped me prepare me well, without me even knowing it.

The idea to quit was there and I was working on it, but it didn't come to fruition until I made the decision to do it and set up my environment for success. Because I was consistently living a lifestyle that supported good health
it just took that cleanse to break the nicotine addiction and then I broke free! 

The gradual process of taking on the 'Young Living Lifestyle' is a huge part of a stable foundation for healthier living. I have learned more about my body and it's systems, more about what is IN the products and foods we consume every day and more about emotional health than I EVER could have learned without it. There are so many ways Young Living helped me achieve this goal, with support and education being number one. Taking Young Living Oils internally helps me with 'the urge' and I don't even think about smoking very often at all anymore. Smoking tastes yuckier to me with those nice clean oil flavors in my mouth. Even diffusing can help me curb the craving. Mmm, and I want me some Stress Away and Peppermint, right now!

Before Young Living there was just a lot of useless guilt... I know from experience that our kids do what they SEE us do, rather than what we tell them to do, and mine are too darn important to me!

Plus, smoking causes wrinkles. LOL! So if guilt won't sway you, maybe vanity will! Here are some other ways people use Young Living Essential oils to help them kick the habit in the butt! Pun is totally intended. :-) PS - black pepper tastes a little bit like a cigarette, and with a touch of peppermint tastes like a menthol....maybe try that on a quit stick.

(If anyone knows who created that graphic, message us so we may give them proper credit!)

Here's what I posted on my personal page in November 2015 that helped push me from E-cig to (almost) no cigs. "I just learned about a free app called 'Quitter' to help remind people @ the great benefits of quitting smoking. Isn't that great? A P.S. to this is - don't EVER feel bad about spending money on taking care of yourself!"

That's how I still feel. I'm glad I invest in my health now, instead. YES I WAS one of those people who complained about the price of organic foods while buying cigarettes!!

The 'Quitter' app is free and it tracks how much money you saved by quitting smoking, so it's a great motivational tool and it might even give you an idea of what you can afford to do if you quit! It can not, however, show you the damage you are saving your body from, and our health = quality TIME which I'm sure you'd agree is absolutely priceless.

Now, my whole family is interested in better health in so many aspects. Our lives have really changed for the better since I found this community of people helping people in Young Living Essential Oils. If you're new to essential oils, I encourage you to click the link below to learn why Young Living is the only brand you should trust. (Do NOT ingest essential oil from another company!!)

Would you like to be a part of the shift away from lab-created junk, and toward all that is instinctually good? Join Young Living as part of the Anointed By Abba team. We are helping to change statistics, friends! If you'd just like to hear about our $25 back offer when you order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit (which gets you 24% off your future orders) you can start here, too. It's also a great place to check out why quality matters and why ours is unmatched.

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