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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Alternative deodorant--POST 2!

In our first post about little known alternative deodorant choices we talked about Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste. Such a blessing if it works for you, because it's inexpensive, and convenient in addition to being toxin free.

I started switching things up and throwing in some different alternative options and my mind was blown once again, which I find exceptionally FUN. I must share with you and feel free to let us know what you think!

Secret ingredient # 2....IDK why, but it WORKS! It doesn't get sticky or sting either...rub a lime... Yes the fruit--a LIME under the pits. Something in it WORKS!! Here's how it happened:

Last year at this time I was in Texas for the Young Living Convention. I had a drink delivered by room service and they brought wedges of lime along with it when I remembered what my girlfriend Jetuan told me about her sometimes alternative deodorant choice. Here's my post from Facebook: I'm done scratching my head, now I'm jumping for joy... If you're looking for an alternative to chemical deodorant try rubbing a wedge of LIME in your armpit. I can't believe this... Today is day 3. WTH?!? It's working better than anything! Jetuan Whedon, I'm so grateful you shared. Don't let me forget this one!! 

There it was. Alternative deodorant choice #2....was born. (**angels sing**) Immediately, a friend commented "I need to try that! Just switched to the crystal and it doesn't always work." Another added "What the what?!?!? Wow! OK, I need to remember this so I can give it a try!" And naturally, there were some questions. I understood why this idea is a little hard to conceptualize...

Q: A friend asked, "So just cut a lime and rub it on?" and my sweet friend Jetuan Whedon explained, 

A: "Yup. I can make a quarter of a lime last a couple of days. Limes or YL deodorant... Both excellent for people with armpits! Lol" And the response, "OK. Have to try this!"

Q: Is it sticky afterward though?

A: Jetuan Whedon "Everyone asks that. lol Nope. It dries up nicely. :)"
Kristina Bee: Agree!

Q: How long do you have to wait after you shower?

A: Immediately is fine. Just dry off.

Q: That's so awesome! I thought it'd burn your pit like getting lemon in a cut.

A: Me too. :-) But it doesn't!

Q: What about antiperspirant? I'm one sweaty chick!
Q: Yes what about the sweaty pits????

A: I am still deciding on that part. It may actually reduce my sweating and I'm writing from a humid environment. It definitely didn't stop it completely, but I am really dry right now. Plus, my sweat doesn't smell. I can do sweaty pits sometimes if I don't have to get metals & toxins in them with an antiperspirant. Seriously, try it for yourself. I'm smelling my pits in a convention center WITH PRIDE! Plus no white skid marks on my clothes. I might be done trying to make my own deodorant!

So there's the story on an another awesome alternative deodorant choice! The more choices we have the better, because what works for you one day, may not another time and you may find that something that didn't work before suddenly does. Our bodies are weird. :-)

While at the hotel my lime wedges kept just fine for 3 days on the counter, unrefrigerated. At home, I keep them in the fridge in a well-marked ziploc. (LOL) Like Jetuan said, one wedge can be used over and over.

My dear friend Angie Hardison adds: "We NEED to sweat to get rid of toxins in our bodies! I will have to try this. Usually my YL deodorant works great, but I'm finding myself re-applying with the summer heat."

And my friend DeAnna mentioned "Kristina Bee, in a pinch the Thieves toothpaste works. Swear!!" So, I answered, "Yes ma'am!! I know that little tip!! Another thing making Young Living unique is our dedication to education... No other oil company or even any personal care product on the market cares about your well-being like Young Living." (ICYMI-see deodorant post 1 for the details on THAT gem of a tip)

And that is the truth darn it! Who can you buy ANY product from that will educate you on healthy alternatives or how your body works?!? No one, and I will even include my doctor in that group! There is no comparison to our education or to our quality. Joining Young Living was the best thing I have ever done for my family, hands down.

Our next post in the deodorant series is
going to talk about some little known facts about the Young Living brand deodorants. :-) Stay tuned for that!

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