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Thursday, August 25, 2016

DIY Organic Spray Deodorant?!? POST 4

Did you know there are people that don't stink? LOL! I don't know them, but I know they exist. One thing is for sure--they ain't me!  

We've been working on a natural deodorant series and talked about using Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste as an option in our first post, using LIME in our second post, and using Young Living's deodorant option in our 3rd post. (That was SO cool, wasn't it?!? Links are ahead) This---this ROCKED my world!

I recently had a member ask me what she could use to make a deodorant SPRAY...hmmm...for a MAN....HMMM! So the spray is a new and genius idea all on it's own, and my mind is already whirling around on that one, but then on top of that I'm picturing--hairy man pits! Lol. And rubbing toothpaste around in there just aint workin'. LOL!!

Thanks to April Bouman's request, I experimented and came up with two SPRAY recipes I like and am glad to share with you 'cause, guess what? THEY WORK! And I might be done! Done with 'the search'. Woohooo!! :-D 

In the first version of spray deodorant I used a 1 ounce spray bottle with about a teaspoon of Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste squirted down in the bottom. (About 2 - one inch strips of toothpaste) I filled it halfway with Thayer's lavender witch hazel and swirled & shook it well to mix it all up. Then added @ 8 drops of Young Living Purification and 2 Tea Tree, filled the rest of it with water and voila! Spray deodorant! :-) This is the version I gave to my kids. They like it A LOT and it works perfectly for them. 

For me, I found something I like even better...

The second version came about from a tip that my Aunt Pat shared with me. We were chatting about the blog, technology and the way things USED to be and she said that in a pinch, vodka will work as a deodorant. (WOW) That's such a smart idea, isn't it? (Although, she thought it was a waste of vodka. LOL!!) But it's so simple and safe, and who knew? That's GOLD! So that's what I used in recipe #2--no water--and it's my favorite! Yay, thanks for the tip, Aunt Pat!

May I please remind you to treasure those people that got through life before the commercial takeover of American personal care products, and to pick their brains!? They're full of wisdom, so let's share it!

This version rocks--it's the driest!

If possible, I recommend a GOOD quality vodka so you don't smell all alcoholly, AND because we appreciate the value that comes from good quality ingredients. (wink, wink) YAAAAAAAS!!! It's SO easy and I am totally celebrating this! 

Now that I got you all excited, here comes my public service announcement. Hee hee. Nothing works for EVERYbody, this won't be any different and here's what else you should know:
  • I must prepare you for the fact that this is a WET alternative, and as weird as it sounds, some squirts will come out thicker than others. It takes a minute or 2 for these to dry, or you might want to pat your pits dry with a washcloth if your in a hurry. 
  • You'll want to take all the same precautions that you would if you used white deodorant and wore a black shirt. (OBVS) 
  • It's not going to work like commercial, poison-crap deodorant. :-) You might need a second spritz (or just straight EO) mid-day, to make it to the end of the day without 'stank', we like to say.
  • Another thing to look out for is, when depressed, the fine-mist sprayer may stick for a moment in the down position before it comes back up. I simply help it along by moving it up with my finger after each pump. (It's 2 pumps total--no big whoop!) 
  • This also means you should you shake the bottle well before each use. The deodorant--er, toothpaste, will settle at the bottom of the bottle and congeal. So, shake well!!

Because of the thicker liquid going through the sprayer I wanted to try out a larger spray nozzle too. So let me save you that trouble...don't bother. That is called shock and awe...

But another good option for application might be a roll-on bottle, like we used in our favorite (cuz-it's-so-easy) 
sunscreen recipe.

30 ML yellow glass roll-on bottle:  http://amzn.to/2boKI3I
30 ML pink glass roll-on bottle: http://amzn.to/2bxDMTx

Click on the links above or right on the pictures to connect to Amazon (affiliate) for those and other roll-on bottle options. (And oh my gosh, I am saving A LOT of money! Deodorant is 7 or 8 bucks! Every time! For one stinkin' stick! #SRSLY)

As a person who has seen a lot of cancer in young people it's very valuable to me to know the ingredients in this won't harm a body. For my 10 year old daughter I decorated a 1 oz. spray bottle with Minion duct tape and she LOVES it! Hee hee. 

AND I just found out that my older (and hairier) son will actually use this, too. You already know that's a huge 'score', right? I'm also saying - don't shy away from this natural solution just because you're Greek! #Aack #SoHairy #TheStruggleIsReal Or, because you're a man... #MenWantBetterProductsToo

**In case you were wondering, regular toothpaste will not work for a myriad of reasons, nor would you want it to, so please--just don't. If you don't know the answer to 'why use essential oils?' I'll sum it up for you like this--essential oils are good for balancing your whole body while being ANTI-everything bad. So, nothing that stinks will live.

On Schwetty Oils: Besides Purification and Tea tree, some other oils to try are ylang ylang (for it's balancing qualities) as well as lavender. (because--obvs) Also in the running for killing stank are eucalyptus, cistus (Rose of Sharon), bergamot and cedarwood. Oils can be diluted into your favorite mixture, into a carrier oil, or applied neat - in the pits!

Do you like the little flowers? HaHA! I like that kind of irony. They're Martha Stewart Dogwood Stickers: http://astore.amazon.com/anobyabb-20/detail/B002YIZ8RQ 

Click on the pictures or on the links below to be connected to Amazon (affiliate) for these spray bottles and other great deals on EO accessories:

http://amzn.to/2bja8Od 12 brown 1 oz glass bottles for $8.15 at time of post

http://amzn.to/2bx9Zdr 6 blue 1 oz glass bottles for $6.99 at time of post

I like this spray option SO much I gave up on making my own stick deodorant. (But someday if I have time---I do have a great idea. :-)

In case you missed it: Non-toxic alternative deodorant blog posts 1, 2 & 3:

#2 click ---> http://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2016/08/alternative-deodorant-post-2.html

You know the product, but did you know THIS?!? #3 click ---> http://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2016/08/young-living-deodorant-tip-this-is-cool.html

NOW, you have a few more tools in the alternative deodorant toolbelt! Plus, you can take a swig of this vodka-deodorant in an emergency! We love products that multi-task!

I pray more people will open their minds to reducing the amount of toxins they subject their bodies to. If you don't know why that matters you can read about it in Post 1. ;-) There are several options to choose from - SOMETHING will work for you! 
These options are inexpensive and practical enough to experiment with until you find the perfect rhythm and perfect solution for you. Don't forget, what you choose to put on your body today ends up in the Earth tomorrow... 

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