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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Young Living deodorant tip--this is cool :-) POST 3

You've seen Young Living's deodorant. But have you heard THIS? 

From the Jeannie Elizabeth Ellis Facebook page: Does your deodorant do this?

"Cherie Ross, in one of her conference calls, suggests using the Young Living Meadow Mist or Mountain Mint deodorant at night. She calls it an extremely powerful lymphatic system detoxifier. She says that people who use it during the day sweat and perspire more because the filtering organs are not working to detoxify the body. The oils in those deodorants are lymphatic system detoxifiers and the oils are detoxing but the filtering organs aren't functioning well so it comes out through the skin and through the lymphs and you have this sweaty stinky mess.

She says one of the best things you can do is use the Meadow Mist or Mountain Mint at bed time. Use it under your arms, on your throat, your collar bone area, all the way around the pectoral muscles or the chest. Use it around the knees, behind the knees, around the ankles; the groin area is another huge lymphatic area where the legs attach themselves to the trunk of body. Use it at night time and you will notice a huge shift in how you are feeling because what will happen then is that you will start to detoxify, especially if you are drinking enough good pure water you will notice that you have more toxins coming out in your urine in the morning and that is exactly what you want to happen."  

So uh, WOW! I read about that and I tried it...and I stunk SO BAD!! LOL. Ugh! I haven't been able to make myself stick through an entire detox cycle like my Abba partner Kim did. She detoxed (it wasn't purty!) but now she needs NO deodorant AT ALL!!!
We do have some gifted professionals in our organization and I thought this was a seriously good tip.  Some people swear by using the YL deodorant at night, and using the little 'toothpaste secret' deodorant in the morning! Sounds legit...

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I'm going to share that I'm so excited that my aunt chimed in on the discussion and had seriously great input... Simple stuff that we lose from generation to generation. I'll share it here. ;-)

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Michelle Sims said...

Interesting....I've been trying to put on this deodorant and night and while I haven't noticed huge stinkyness I have noticed red bumps in my armpits. You know almost like monster zits but no center. I wonder if this could be my body detoxing and I should just push through it?

Anointed by Abba said...

Hi Michelle. Detox would be my guess! I've heard it's good to back off from whatever is causing the detox (not stop completely) and drink LOTS of water to help your body flush the toxins out. A detox reaction happens when the kidneys and other organs can not rid the body of toxins fast enough, and the skin is one the most susceptible areas for that to show up. According to Dr David Stewart, there is nothing in an essential oil for the body to react to and I know that in my heart to be true, but what can happen is the oil can begin to draw out gunky things and quickly. A detox reaction should get less and less severe until all the toxins are flushed. It's very common. :-)