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Monday, September 12, 2016

How to DIY Thieves Spray

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If you're new to the essential oil idea, welcome. :-) Prepare to have your mind blown on the daily, OK? :-) Thieves essential oil is SO popular that it's probably the most imitated essential oil blend out there. Young Living made it famous when Gary Young created it to support our health based on the story depicted below, from Hannah McDonald's blog. Even if you've heard it before, I suggest you glance over it again because the words are so powerful.

During the Black Plague of 16th century, a small band of thieves were caught in the act and brought before the King, who forced them to divulge a most curious secret. The thieves had been entering the homes of plague victims and stripping the dead bodies of money, jewelry and anything else of value that could be found. Although the plague was highly contagious, not one of this morbid band of thieves ever contracted the dreaded plague even though their thefts had put them in daily contact with the dead bodies of plague victims. The King, eager to protect himself and the Royal Family, demanded to know how the thieves had avoided contracting the plague.

Soon enough, the truth came out. The thieves were all Apothecaries. Because of their intimate knowledge of the healing arts, passed down from generation to generation, they were familiar with a combination of specific plant oils that, when rubbed on the body, would protect the body from contracting this most feared and deadly disease. The King forced the thieves to divulge the specific plant oils used, and the formula for extracting them from the plants. With that vital information in hand, he was thereby able to protect himself and his family from the deadly plague.

The recipe for the thieves' oils can still be found in the Royal English Archives to this day. What's more, this story is not all that unusual. In fact, it is widely known that many perfumers and tanners in 16th century England were also able to escape the Black Plague due to the fact that the powerful, sweet smelling plant oils used in the making of various perfumes and in the scenting of leather goods exhibit phenomenal antiseptic properties.

History further reveals that virtually the entire town of Bucklersbury, England was spared from the plague, even while the residents of other towns in close proximity were dying in droves. How were the residents of Bucklersbury spared? Historians believe it was no fluke. This fortunate town was the center of the European lavender trade. Lavender is a plant, the essential oil of which is widely used in making perfume. More importantly, the oil of lavender has long been known to have powerful disease fighting properties.

Thieves is a proprietary blend of pure essential oils tested at 
Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, and found to have a 99.96 percent effective rate against airborne bacteria.

We can't link you to any studies proving the strength of this EO Powerhouse, but we do encourage you to research the constituents that make up each of the oils in Thieves such as eugenol, caryophyllene and cineole - just to name a few. (#SRSLY...mind 

Sooo, I went back and forth spraying and testing, waiting and spraying again, over several days until I felt like it was VERY close to the recipe we all know and love. I 
studied the ingredients and added these oils:

  • 14 drops Young Living Thieves essential oil (http://bit.ly/1Vu7GJW)
  • 2 drops Clove
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark
  • I also added 2 drops Orange (optional, but yum)

to a 2 oz. base, using: 

  • 2 parts quality vodka and 
  • 1 part water

Don't be afraid to eyeball that. I used a 2 oz. Ningxia shotglass!

I picked up a very large bottle of Kirkland brand vodka. I've heard it's the exact same as the super fancy brands (and it sure seems like it!) but's only $13.89. That is worth lookin' for, just sayin'! :-)

You can use witch hazel if you'd like, but I can't recommend spraying that into anyone's mouth. So it depends on what you want to use your spray for.

In my first few attempts to get the recipe right I used 40 drops of Thieves and 5 drops of orange in a base of a 7:1 ratio mix of vodka to water...which worked GREAT on my mirrors! (Like, so good it took me a minute to get reacquainted with myself!) It was too 'alcoholly' to be 'Thieves spray', but it's a FABULOUS GREEN CLEANER! (sinks & toilets, too!)

If you like the label I have you can buy 6 of them for $5 (no shipping fee) from a mom I know. She makes these to help support her and her children after her husband passed away. These are 3" quality vinyl adhesive made to get wet, and they don't come off! Click here: http://www.quotethewalls.com/store/WsDefault.asp?One=714 to buy those at QuoteTheWalls.com Tricia does all sorts of labels, so be sure to look around and explore her site. If you have questions, she's happy to help.

I wished I had an 8 ounce amber bottle, (yknow brown & Thieves go together!) but the decal looks so pretty on the blue bottle, I can't complain. At the time of this blog 2 - 8 oz. glass bottles are $8 Click link or the pic: http://amzn.to/2cakUdh

If you have empties, by all means--reuse, refill! If you could use extra bottles here are a few suggestions:

I have a fine mist 2 oz aluminum bottle like these to carry in my purse. Click on the link: http://amzn.to/2c67LTW or on the photo to connect & buy these on Amazon. They're very nice, actually:

The 1 oz bottles are 12 for $10 Click the link or picture to buy on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2cfMfgI
The 2 oz glass spray bottles are 6 for $10, have high reviews and I think they're a little prettier than the usual bottles. Click the link or the picture: http://amzn.to/2cRHu9h

So, there you go! If you need a refill in a pinch, try the DIY. You can adjust the recipe to YOUR liking with the base and the oils. YOU are the CEO of your own health. (Lavender with Thieves is quite delightful!)

As the CEO of my own health, I can ONLY recommend Young Living Essential Oils. You CAN NOT get quality like this anywhere else. Check this out:
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