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Monday, January 16, 2017


Cedarwood is one of THE most interesting oils I've been introduced to since joining Young Living in 2014. I am finally getting around to writing this from January 2015, which led to help lots of people with lots of things:

I had a change in my schedule this evening, allowing some alone time with my son, Sebby. (12) He was hanging out with me and telling me very detailed information about Frankenstein. Among many other things. Peppered with questions about random trivia. At high speed. LOL! He loves to share what he knows. :-) And I do, too.  

I shared some information with Sebby that I came across in my daytime post-scouring... I am most recently amazed at how 1 oil can assist with so many different issues. Just an example, I was looking at Cedarwood for growing healthy hair when I found this information... 'Cedarwood is a known oil that helps increase focus, mental alertness, brain oxygenation, calmness and can be mood elevating.' 

And then that's where he stopped me.  He said, "Mom--I need some of that! I have a headache!" I liked his thinking--but I wanted to first try peppermint on the sinus vitaflex points on his hands and directly to his forehead. It was not enough to make it go away. So, I applied cedarwood on the base of his big toe.

I was telling him how Cedarwood applied there affects a lot of people--getting them drowsy and sleepy. (The base of the big toe matches up with the brain on a vitaflex chart) He had an immediate calmness and confidence and he asked me if he could have his own bottle, so I gave it to him. We applied melaleuca and lavender on his rough skin spots and then he left the room. 

The next thing I know, I hear him playing a recorder (flute) finding his way--by ear, to the tune "Joy to the World"!  This was so out of character! This is the kid that wants to play Xbox and be on my Ipad to watch videos on 'Vine', and nags me incessantly to get what he wants. Is it a coincidence that he went from being borderline annoying (OK, I'm being kind--it's my child--there's no borderline there!) to pleasantly content and self-entertained? He played that flute for about an hour (and he's quite good, actually) allowing me to get some work done. That NEVER happens!
Later that day: I re-read the information I shared with him, and boy, does it sound different now. What I didn't get to read to him out loud or take note of earlier was this... It also says cedarwood is used to help children on the spectrum and with focus challenges, but we can all benefit from its properties. Cedarwood is unique in that no other oil exceeds it in oxygen-carrying capacity. More oxygen to brain=more mental capacity. (edited for compliance)

So, just...wow. That's all I can say. My husband and I made a tough decision not to pursue getting an official diagnosis that would require treatment, but his behavior matched some of those clinical descriptions. And it sure was a nifty coincidence that a small amount of this oil and pleasant behavior happened together. I hear that the Cedarwood used to build Kings' ancient temples in biblical times was moved many, many miles to it's final destination. Makes me think they must've known SOMEthing, huh?!?

1/19/17...An update to answer the question, 'did it help the hurting head?' is a resounding YES!!! Yes, it did. Just last summer I shared the idea of cedarwood for a hurting head and it went crazy on the Facebook page. We helped A LOT of people to feel better and then compiled information on lots of other ways to ease head discomfort in this post: Does your head hurt? (keeper alert!)

I humbly went to my son a little in awe of how many people his idea helped, and we thanked God for using us to do something good. I know I am where I am supposed to be right now.

On to less deep matters...to read about how we use Cedarwood for hair, click here: Cedarwood in your shampoo? (warning, awesome information)

Another great tip is to add one drop of Cedarwood to a brand new mascara tube. It helps extend the life of the mascara and encourages long and healthy lashes. I like to combine it with a drop of lavender. Smells like heaven!

Bugs hate Cedarwood too. That's why the important items of yesteryear were stored in....cedar chests, mmhmm! Cedarwood is not a pricy oil, either. You'd think it would be after all of that! It's under $12 for Young Living wholesale members.

Ooh, maybe even a 1-2 punch for the dog diffuser! Repel fleas AND calm Fido - without chemicals. I like it!

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