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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cuticle balm

What makes a 10 year girl old do leaps across the living room? When Mom says 'yes' to
making a girly DIY! Cuticle balm is what we concocted tonight! My daughter was showing me her little bag of personal care products she has with her at school. She showed me her Thieves spray, her Thieves hand sanitizer, a hair bow and then she said, "I really need something for my cuticles, Mom. They're all rough and jagged and...ugh!"

In a matter of minutes we melted down equal parts mango butter, beeswax and coconut oil, added our YLEO (she wanted lavender and peppermint - 8 drops each) and poured into balm tubes. BOOM. Happy kid. Happy mom, too. One of those is for me! : )

This is actually a great Valentine's idea. Add duct tape and voila.

For those wanting to know approximately how much this makes I'd say 6 balms. We made 3 balms and poured the extra into a jar for later use. : ) My daughter is so on top of it. She was saying, "I could use this on my lips, on dry skin, anywhere." That's my girl!! My heart leaps for this generation of kids knowing better options than I did, and for creativity and simplicity. These are times I feel my mom with us too... Go squeeze somebody you love!

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