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Monday, January 30, 2017

Slique post 3 - the shake

Truth be told, I thought the shake was not the best flavored shake I ever had, lol, but I'll do anything to feel skinny! (And healthy) I think it's very filling and that's important to a hungry girl like me. And I admit I'm kind of spoiled so I prefer chocolate flavors to berry flavors, but I am also a badass and I can totally make this work.

I use a coconut/almond milk blend (Califia farms) that is very low in calories, 45 cal per cup, but as I began to look for places to cut calories I started using water in my shake too. Sometimes half, sometimes all, depends on the day. No matter which liquid I chose, I found that if I didn't mix the shake and drink it fast enough it'd clump up on me making it hard to drink, so I started putting it in my Ninja blender. That's the ticket!

One day I wanted an ice creamy kind of meal replacement shake, so I used as much ice in my Ninja as I could fit, coconut/almond blend milk and 1/2 c organic strawberries that I just pulsed in real quick at the end. It wasn't like a milkshake at a diner, but it did feel like a treat. :-)

Here's all the info you'd want on Slique Shake. It is completely vegan. Blessings to you all out there getting your Slique on!!

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