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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Love it, share it - smart!

So you want to share samples with your besties, but don't want to give away your whole oil stash? I get it! I love this idea that comes from a cross line member. You can put a couple grains of coarse sea salt into a sample bottle to absorb and hold the oil, and then you can get away with using just one drop! Isn't that smart? I love that idea! Especially when it comes to sharing my pricier oils (including the blends we try not to covet?!?) 😂 This is a perfect solution to allow someone to be able to check out aromatic benefits without a lot of oil, and works great for shipping across miles. No leaking. 
If you don't have sample bottles, these are a great price on Amazon.

36 - 2 ml amber glass sample bottles with orifice reducers & 2 glass droppers currently $9.99

click to buy on Amazon --- > https://amzn.to/2lhGE9m

Pink Himalayan Sea salt? This never goes to waste in my house. Also perfy for bath soaks, which I love to add EO to and give as gifts. If you don't know why this salt is such a big deal, maybe skim through the highlights of this little blog about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. I had to share the info because I had such a huge revelation. If you'd like to buy some right from your couch you can get it from Amazon for a good price.

2.2 lb large grain, coarse, food grade Pink Himalayan Sea Salt $9.25

click to buy on Amazon --- > https://amzn.to/2lgKM8Z

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