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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Post 4 Slique challenge 2017, 1st full week 1/9/17-1/16/17 - Slique bars

Yes, when Mommy is on a diet it can be scary. I can be grouchy at times. I might even swear a little. Because I'm getting less sleep, putting out more physical exertion and crunching carrots when I just want to eat cows that have been cooked over fire. Y'know? The fact that hard work pays off keeps me going. And now I have tools to help put pep in my step! I have more energy than before I started this Slique challenge, for sure. And after some product research, I know why.

The first thing I noticed when I started taking CitraSlim caps is energy. Seems like the boost afforded me lots of small changes and I get to see glimpses of my strongest, best self. She can't hide from me! One of the things I lost over the last year and a half, was the oomph to follow through & finish tasks the way I used to. This may seem like a silly example, but it will make my point sufficiently. I pulled tags off new clothes & tossed them on my dresser. As I walked past on my way out of the closet, I swept them up & tossed in the trash (along with a lint roller sticky sheet). Big freakin' deal, right? It was a big enough deal for me to notice. It's the pep in my step. ;-)

Because a month ago I'd let it sit there until it pissed me off enough to pick it up. (I told you this would sound silly!) But here's the deal... These little things, multiplied over many times a day, over several days (then multiplied by the number of people in the household, cuz they will do as you DO and not as you SAY) ...add up!! Before I know it I'm buried in clutter of little things I could have finished, but... I didn't feel like it. Now they're not little things, they're little piles.

What I know fo sho... when it comes to housecleaning, finances and healthy weight - a lot of little maintenance is SO much easier than cleaning up a big, giant mess. So I am simply requiring more of myself in every area of my life and Slique is helping me.

Here's what happened during the week:

1/11/17 It's only day 3 and I'm pissed at myself because slept thru my workout time slot. Useless energy, be gone! I WILL fit it in somewhere else! It'd help if I slept through and not ate while in a sleep coma. The struggle with night eating is real! But I have conquered this beotch before and it begins with a simple switch of forcing myself to eat breakfast and ends with me saying 'no' to myself at the end of the night. I started working on this last week and hallelujah, I see some fruit from the labor. I woke up hungry for a change!

Slique shakes are helping me, here. On a busy morning I take a blender bottle, water and a shake packet with me on the road if I must. Get it in where ya fit it in! And I must, because my body is smarter than I want to admit. It actually won't burn calories until it it knows... we aint starvin'! Yep. We're hard wired on a physiological level to preserve energy in times of famine, soo if you think skipping breakfast is saving you calories, you're really setting yourself up for failure in several ways. This is just one. Moral of the story? YES, breakfast. Every. Day.

Since becoming interested in Instagram I love creating these memes. Hee hee! But if I'm not careful, before I know it a whole afternoon is gone. Finding that balance in what I have to do and what I want to do is a constant struggle... Somebody say Oola?  : ) When God speaks to me I don't always understand what I'm doing or why, I'm just doing. But when it comes together it sure hits home. 

1/12/17 I got up late. It's too cold. I'm alone. I'm too tired. I don't have time. It's too hard. I'm too old. Guilty of using all of them for why I can't accomplish my #FitnessGoals, my #familygoals, my #businessgoals and my emotional and #spiritualgoals. But every day I skip the bullshirt and work through it I am exercising my #InnerWinner and she is getting stronger than the excuses. Go mommy. Go.

Don't. Stop. #LearnInAction. There's no need to be an expert. #Recover InAction. Physical, emotional, spiritual--there will always be some source of pain. Just. Don't. Stop.

And that's golden advice. No excuses, get it done. Don't quit because it's hard or because something hurts. I'm talking emotional here, not a sprained ankle. Keep pushing through because you're stronger than that. You're better than that. There's something better for you when you keep the faith in the Lord and proceed with JOY.

Another facet of my best me multi-tasks well. Because I'm also focused on bringing back exercise right now I'm looking for those opportunities. Truth is, I have to work harder than some people do to be lean. No whining about it, it's just how it is and I accept. Lean muscle mass is what burns calories when you're sitting on your royal hiney, so I looked for and found ways to incorporate building muscle where I wasn't before. Example, doing squats while I'm brushing my teeth. Also, requiring physical breaktime from the computer to create some energy, a la Tony Robbins. Get it in where ya fit it in!

A friend of mine posted this & I'll let it speak for itself: Exercise is so my drug - I don't know why I ever give it up! I've had issues with anxiety & slight depression (mostly from cycle changes) but that all goes away when I workout! It's the most under-utilized anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drug! Not bragging but I know people that it can really help & I only like to share to inspire. People sharing the same have inspired me ❤.

Just in case you've fogotten. :-)

1/12/17 I'm down 2 lbs and feeling so much more energy all day. (Although My Fitness Pal wants me to know that I'm really up 7 pounds) Chores at home are getting easier, workouts are getting more enjoyable, mood & ability to handle stress is better, all of that in just 2 weeks of focusing on behavior and a few days of Slique! That's exciting! I am eating better & now that I'm tracking, I'm eating a lot less, but still LOTS of room to improve. What's important is that I am making changes that I can keep. If I try to eat 'crazy perfect' I won't be able to sustain it and it's a surefire way to end up on a binge. Which I'm familiar with...sometimes at night. :-/ (And I'm just noticing that My Fitness Pal doesn't want me to forget that I'm closer to 50 than I am 40, and shouldn't have carbs. Hey, THANKS, Pal!)

Another tool in the box are the Slique bars... I love them! I remember years ago before I did YL, a friend (who is not known for the greatest health but I love her anyway) had the Slique bars at her house because of a YL promotion. She gave them to me with this disgusted look on her face... I'm LMAO recalling this. She said, "take these home with you. They're... bird seed bars." LMAO. Ooh, bless her heart. I loved them back then and I love them now! They're hella healthy, satisfying and portable for on the road.

1/13 I added the Slique tea and gum in...And WOW! Information about that is coming soon in it's own blog.

And if this stuff works... Game on. It sho do taste good!!! Slique Essence is helping me drink lots of water. Which helps my systems function better. Not having enough water in your chemical and food-laden body is like adding dirty clothes & soap to the washing machine without the water. It'll just gunk up. So be sure to give your system plenty to flush itself out with. If you didn't see the information about water in post 2 you'll want to look it over. The before and after pics are kinda epic. Additionally, the oils in Slique Essence help the body to release fat. The first day I used this, let's just say my system let me know it was cleaning itself out. And that's what we want. If your system is slow and gunked up, You'll be bloated and constipated, your body will suck out every last calorie in the food you consume, but it will also have a hard time absorbing food's nutrients. There's a huge connection between our gut health and our brain health, something I hope to explore and blog about in the future.

Ooh, if you get to eat out, take advantage of the opportunity to order the healthy stuff that tastes good. Lol. I get good ideas from restaurants, too. 

1/14/17 Appreciating a beautiful view at lunch with my beautiful friend, Becky. I was reminded that G
od's way is almost never my way. To stay in peace and let God do for you what you can not do for yourself. This is what 'Be still, and know that I am God' is all about.

1/15/17 One full week now and all the puffiness is gone from my face! I noticed when I woke up this morning that I immediately got rid of a LOT of fluid. And it was my face! HA! This is exciting, because it's the way my body functioned when I was thinner. :-) Every morning I peed a lot. Not lately! I don't know
why these things happen, but I definitely notice changes like that.

Had to force myself to have breakfast this morning though. Sigh...because I ate late last night. 
I'm LUCKY I peed off my chipmunk cheeks! Maybe because what I ate was a good choice -- plain albacore tuna and Van's gluten free roasted veggie crisps instead of what I was craving, which was toast...with butter. Mmm. In my defense though, eating late was the better option, because without that I would have been 900 cal under goal and I don't think My Fitness Pal will even let you log that without some kind of warning. You'll get like, a 'Flat Stanley Alert' or something.

I am just learning to go really light if you must dine late like that, because digesting food at night time is confusing to your body. It wants to be awake during that process, and many people have a disturbed sleep cycle, rather than restful one if they eat before bed. Learning, learning!

These are the things that motivate me, right here! People NEED great health for a great life. Looking forward to seeing this work, myself! Young Living rolled out a Slique Starter Kit choice too.

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It's not too late! The next 30, 60 and 120 days are going to go by whether you're doing something about your health or not. Might as well work on it!

Slique is such a big dealio, that Young Living offers a 60 day guarantee. Nobody else does that. Click here --- > 60 day guarantee details and scroll to the bottom.

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issed what the Slique CitraSlim Caps are all about, click here --- > Post 1 - Slique Challenge 2017 - CitraSlim  

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