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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Post 5 - Slique Essence, tea, and gum!

Before I share product information about Slique tea and Slique gum, I'd like to share a blog I wrote about frankincense resin. THAT is the star ingredient of Slique gum and tea, and the reasons why are in it! Take a quick look through it --- > here.

Did you catch those nuggets in paragraphs 4, 5 & 6? This is good stuff! You might want to go back and take in the video of our founder, Gary Young, sharing information about harvesting frankincense too. Many years ago he took a group of Young Living Diamonds on a well-deserved trip to
Oman to show them Boswelia trees and how the resin is collected firsthand. I always enjoy learning from an expert, don't you? Even though we are larger now, Young Living still operates this way. When people do a great job of sharing the benefits of the oils, they get to go on all expense paid trips to various farms and get to interact with this dynamic family. I love that about YL!

Official Young Living Product information: Slique Tea is an exotic drink from Young Living that has been formulated with natural ingredients to help support individual weight goals. This blend is rich in flavonoids, a dietary compound generally associated with helping maintain certain normal, healthy body functions. It also contains polyphenols, which may be useful as part of a guilt-free weight-management regimen when combined with a healthy diet and physical activity. This unique blend is enhanced with 100% pure therapeutic grade Frankincense powder.

My information: Frankincense resin might give you the biggest jolt of energy you ever remember and this tea is made with it in powdered form. Drink it and you might not care if you ever eat again! You may also feel joyful for absolutely no reason at all. Be warned, your joy may be contagious. :-) Very notable: I do not feel jittery when I use this or any of Young Living's energy products, just solid, happy, buzzy energy. The tea tastes pretty good, too. It's got a hint of cacao as well as vanilla. I drink mine unsweetened, so it might taste even better with a little stevia. And for whatever it's worth, I've heard that some people use their tea bags more than once to get every last bit of goodness out of them.  ;-)

Official information about Slique gum - Ancient travelers throughout the Middle East used raw frankincense resin for its nutritional content and ability to help control hunger. Slique™ Gum offers those same benefits in a modern delivery system that helps control food cravings and improve oral health.

My information: Benefits outweight the taste. LOL. I suggest googling oral health frankincense. Amazing information! Let me know if I can introduce you to Frank! ;-)

I don't really like the taste of this gum. That's the truth. But I know what it DOES and that makes me like chewing it despite the taste. For me it's n
oticeably reduced hunger and women will do just about anything to feel skinny, won't we? ;-) I chew because I have things to do, an appetite to quell, and pants to fit in!

"Frankinbreath" warning - Sooo, one day I was past my lunch time, starving, and needed to have a consult before taking home my very first pair of eyeglasses (another blog needed - HERE). My stomach was doing the embarrassingly noisy growl when I remembered the gum was in my purse, so I popped a piece from the blister pack and started chewing. It immediately calmed my hunger allowing me to listen to important information, and along with that came a burst of energy. I started telling the eye guy all about the frankincense gum and he said, "Oh, that's what that smell is." I was kind of horrified, but he thought it smelled good, so...OK. Whatevs. Now that won't stop us girls from chewing this, because let's be honest - we would eat dung if it would make us skinny. AmIRight? But at least YOU, the reader, can be armed with this information now. You're welcome.

Yaaas, I love and recommend the Slique essence essential oil! It is really tasty. And it probably makes your breath smell yummy! More information about how I use Slique Essence is in Post 4 - First full Slique week.

Slique is so amazing that Young Living offers a 60 day guarantee. Nobody else does that! To read about it, scroll down to the bottom of the page after clicking here --- > 60 day guarantee details.

For a look at the complete Slique line and suggested uses, check out the Slique ebrochure.

We are now carrying a Slique Starter Kit containing:

2 - 15 day packs of CitraSlim Caps
2 - 15 Packs of the Slique Shake
2 - 25 packs of Slique tea
5 - 8 packs of Slique Gum

1 - 15 ml bottle of Slique Essence (@250 drops)
4 - 6 count Slique Tropical Berry Crunch bars
plus a 5 ml bottle of Young Living's Stress Away essential oil blend, 10 essential oil samples, and 2 samples of our delicious, tart and tangy, low calorie superfood drink, Ningxia Red.

The purchase of any starter kit will get you a wholesale membership with Young Living, which means you save 24% off retail prices on all your future purchases. 
Are you feeling like you could stand to lose a few pounds too? Click here to order now backed by a guarantee.

If you m
issed why the Slique CitraSlim Caps work click here --- > Post 1 - Slique Challenge 2017 - CitraSlim  

Introducing your lab rat!  Post 2  - Allow me to introduce myself! (plus, how you may want to prepare for a lasting lifestyle change)

Post 3 - about the Slique shake

Post 4 - my first full Slique week

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