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Monday, February 13, 2017

Post 6 - Slique challenge -growing up the Inner Winner

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 - Today was different and interesting. When I am my best me, I like my early morning workouts. Like 6:00 AM early. Sometimes 5:00. I like to get it out of the way, feel that energy, and go with that momentum for as long as I can. Days I do that I feel like a superhuman. Mommy. Lady.

I also like to change things up with activities and times, but more than anything, I love working out with a friend. I was invited to work out with a super fun girl at 9 AM, which for my schedule on this day was the latest I was comfortable with. When I showed up, the class was full, I couldn't get in and I thought, 'OK. No worries. I'll go home and still get a 45 minute workout and shower before I go to my next appointment.' Love that flexible thinker!

I got home and then the thought that is death to all things good crept in--"I just want to edit this one little thing in a blog". 'HAHAha!', said the universe. I logged onto Facebook to get something I shared, and what I saw was horrifying to me. Someone I don't know had used - not only a graphic that I worked hard on and shared on the Anointed By Abba Facebook page (it was kind of fancy with an embedded video in it) but they used my words too, as if they were their own! Except for the part with the sponsor & enroller ID. HA! They took mine out & put theirs in. And people were responding to it.

Not that any distributor's team size would make this kind of thing OK - but, for the record I don't have a huge team of people doing the 'oil thing' with me and I don't make anything blogging. (Well not yet, anyway. :-) But money is not the reason I do what I do. I do it because I found out I love blogging and I do it because I love helping people discover what I have discovered using these oils. The choice to do Young Living as a business was made with the intention of empowering my team members in every way possible. I hope I always love doing this, but that incident upset me and yeah, it put a wrinkle in my day. (#learning!) Funny thing is, if people ask, I am honored to share my ideas. Because at the end of the day, don't we all just want to be appreciated for being who we are and for what we do? (hint: the answer is 'yes') Maybe more on that subject some other time. :-) Life goes on, yes?

Back to the day... Because of that hiccup, I ended up not working out at home either, but thankfully refused to miss my appointment, and ended up going out & about in the world after rolling out of bed, in my workout clothes, unshowered, and therefore feeling...womp womp.

Because that would also mean I'd have to go on to my daughter's spelling bee at 4:00 like this, and feeling like a big phony in the workout clothes that I never worked out in! But in between cooking dinner, washing dishes, picking up high schoolers and getting my nose hair & mustache waxed off (I know - weird sequence of events) I slapped on a little makeup and I went. Because it wasn't about me, it was about my sweetie girl. πŸ’•She was so dreading this spelling bee! Lol. And she did a great job. I'm so very proud of her. ☺️

Anyhoo, I found a way to work out at 6 o'clock (I want to say 'at night'πŸ˜†) PM - and I think that's fabulous. Way to go, me! Not sure I would have done that, had I not had some kind of motivation & accountability like the Slique in 60 challenge, so I encourage you to sign up for SOMETHING or hook up with SOMEONE that will hold you accountable. Even if it's with an online friend. Whether it's fitting in a workout or showing up somewhere we said we would, ultimately we will do what we want to do...amIright?!

So, during this 'night time' workout on the treadmill I could feel the fat bulging over the sides of my tight sports bra (and not in a sexy kind of way, like in an armpit fatroll kind of way) brushing up against the bare skin on the inside of my bigger-than-I-remembered arms, as I trudged uphill on the treadmill. I'd feel it eeeevery time I'd stride. But the 'brush' that would normally send me off on an all expense paid guilt trip, did not. Because I know I am doing something about it, it made me feel... awesome. πŸ˜„ Brush, brush. "You can't stay here armpit fatroll! I decided. You're leaving." With every stride and every brush. And it wasn't long before the treadmill...became my catwalk. :-)

I'm grateful for the entire series of events -  happy moments, 
hiccups and all because it provided me the opportunity to do the right thing. Go on with my life and be happy about how wonderful it really is! This is what I call 'growing up the inner winner'. God gives us lots of chances in life to not get caught up in this small stuff and instead have faith that all is well and happening according to His plan. The more we make the right decisions when the chips are down, (mmmm...chips) the more our inner winner will grow. 

And now editing this one month later, it's very interesting to take a look back, because exercise has once again become a habit I absolutely crave. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? Thank you, Lord! :-)

The photo here is p
art of my vision board for 2017. I would love to help others 'win at wellness' and reach their health goals in any way I can. I pray God brings me my people!

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