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Monday, February 13, 2017

Sleepy Time Body Butter

Aww-haw yeah. Kids making you cray cray? Or LIFE? Guess what? There's a secret weapon for relaxation at nigh-nigh time that works like a charm. Try making up a lil Sleepy Time Body Butter. Mommy might even like it for herself! --- > This Mommy did! < ---

I got a lil bit excited when Roman Chamomile came back in stock, didn't you? Remember that one time? LOL. I felt all fancy (like a queen) and went buckaroo bonzai diffusing this blend every night for about a month straight. This diffuser recipe was created after I fell in love with Tranquil roll-on, but unfortunately it coincided with a near  two-year period of time that Roman Chamomile was not in stock. Meh. :( Disappointing, but that's going to happen from time to time when we deal with nature and high standards. I was truly delighted to have this scent wafting through my budoir as soon the sun went down... Until I used up a whole bottle of Roman Chamomile!

Sooo, I won't be doing that again anytime soon. I wanted to play with body butter recipes anyway, so making a Sleepy Time Body Butter sounded like a smart idea. The oil goes much further like this.

The boring details... Skip to the bottom if you just want the recipe already! 
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I started by melting down equal parts mango butter, shea butter and coconut oil.  

Looking for a twist on the body butter base, I added one part of aloe vera gel and refrigerated to harden. After about an hour it looked like this.

I added 8 drops each of Cedarwood, Lavender and Roman Chamomile & blended with my hand mixer. It made a lovely looking cream, but it wasn't body butter. It's consistency was too fragile, melting immediately on contact. :-/

If you've read the blog called Better Body Butter you know there's no need to fret! :-) I re-melted the mixture over super low heat and added 2 parts organic beeswax pastilles. Once it melted and rehardened I whipped it again. (Psst. If you have not read the Better Body Butter post, you will want to...it. is. a. keeper.)

That batch got more firm as it sat. The consistency reminded me of butter cream frosting that's been in contact with air for a while...like your birthday cake 2 days later? LOL. Or like butter balls that just came out of the fridge! I like it like that cuz...Arizona? And because I like having a little more time to spread it around. If it melts in too quickly, we get 'greasy' and we don't WANT greasy!

So I remade the recipe using only 1 part beeswax (Looky there. Ended up with EQUAL parts! I LOVE using equal parts!!) and it came out great. It has a consistency like a softened stick of butter. ;-) But not too soft, where it's like phhhbbbthbbt. More like an almost-room-temperature stick of butter. Mmhmm! Tested this specifically for you peeps in the cooler climates, and my bet is more people will like the recipe like this. :-)  So there you go... A recipe for me, a recipe for you. 

For the sleepy time scent (and effect) I added 8 drops each Cedarwood, Lavender and Roman Chamomile. If you don't have Young Living Roman Chamomile, use what you do have! Lavender and Cedarwood are a pretty darn delightful duo. Click here to see AMAZING information about Young Living Lavender. (Spoiler alert: when France needed help reviving their lavender, they came to Young Living!) I'm sorry, but I'd rather pull my skin off with tiny tweezers than use another brand... That's how big the difference is. You may as well use body butter from a big chain store with 'fragrance' in it!

Why not be a part of the shift away from lab-created junk and toward all that is instinctively good?

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