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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Anointed By Abba fan favorites - top 3 items February 2017

I want to pretend I'm surprised, but....nah. Top sellers last month were:

At $5.99 for 6, these roll-on bottles (both colors) sold OUT. However, we did find a set of 12 that come with an "essential oil key" for $10.99! If you're looking for a deal on rollers, better get this one while it lasts. You can click right on the picture to connect to the product for purchase on Amazon.

Top selling diffuser & book... 

You dirty, dirty people...

BAhaha! There's that Law of Attraction, right?! :D Not terribly surprising considering The best Valentine's Day roller bottle blends for 2017 , Organic Couples Massage Oil, and Blends Inspiring Romance were the top posts! My prediction is we will be needing some baby blogs this fall.

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