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Friday, March 31, 2017

Best Spring Diffuser blends 2017

What do I diffuse when I'm blogging on a time crunch? Hee hee. How about Build Your Dream and Stress Away? Be warned... you might become obsessed!

I have SO many things I want to share with you! I am in love with Young Living Essential Oils and what they have done for me and my family.

One of the big changes I've made in the last two and a half years is getting rid of synthetic scents. I am still in the process of getting rid of everything that science is showing us is toxic to the human body and environment, so I hope some of you feel better knowing that this lady has been working on going green a long time and she's not done!

Spring Cleaning feels different to me this year. In addition to the many non toxic cleaners I ENJOY using, I'm ready to get rid of things I wouldn't let go of in the past and we iz purging like never before....There'll be a blog! 

Lately I'm SO in love with Rosemary essential oil. It's one of the oils in Young Living Thieves blend and has such a rich history. Essential oil is the plant's defense mechanism and it helps the plant achieve it's goal of survival and spreading it's seeds, and in our bodies, the oils can do some of those same things.

Since ancient times the rosemary plant has been revered for it's medicinal properties. I've heard it was traditionally used to help with muscles that hurt (and I'm gonna try that!) as well as an immune system booster, to help promote hair growth, clear skin and healthy circulation. Pretty cool... And because of modern science we now know the essential oil in the plant has many antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties, and it's probably most famously been tested for it's ability to assist in memory recall. 

Did you know Rosemary is a member of the mint family? Makes sense, right? Kind of pungent. It's also a relative of oregano, thyme, basil, and lavender. (That's right...lavender is an herb!) Rosemary has long skinny leaves and can also have white, pink, or purple flowers. (I did not know that!) 

I am loving this in my diffuser blends lately because of spring cleaning. I never thought I would appreciate an herbaceous smell so much, but it smells FRESH. Since it seems like we work on preparing our taxes forever (not really, I just draw out the torture) everything is blooming and my kids have a lot of testing at school, it's in like flint!  If you're interested in looking at the diffuser in the background you can see a video here, or with another good diffuser recommendation here in last year's Spring Diffuser Blend Eggstravaganza Post. :-)

Holy cow, I never thought this could smell SO good! You'd think of Tea tree, melaueca alternafolia, as smelling very earthy. OK - dirty, right? Maybe its because I've learned that some of the best spas diffuse Tea Tree, or maybe it's because of the facial cleansing wipes I've grown to love so much, but I LOVE this smell. This smells HEALING. Try it.

Wanna smell peppy, happy, fresh? ME TOO!!! 

And this one was part of our DIY perfume post. I personally have to be feeling realllly worthy of diffusing the pricier oils, but if you have an occasion that calls for it this season, you might appreciate indulging in diffusing this blend too. I like this for deep emotional pain. Either that or hot romance...works for both. GOTTA LOVE VERSATILITY!

Have you ever wondered if you can diffuse Shutran?!? Haha! Yes, you can! Be warned though... Brown chicken brown cow. :-)

BE a part of the shift away from toxic mass made junk (that enriches the lives of CEOs and is no bueno for our bodies or our planet) and toward all that is naturally good! This is people helping people! If you don't have your own Young Living account, why not? No SSN is required and it probably costs less than you think! Let's change the statistics, friends!

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