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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Difference between refined and virgin coconut oil

I love coconut oil! Five years ago I hadn't even heard of it, and now I can't live with out it! There are so many ways to use it - cooking, baking and my number one body care ingredient. There’s a LOT of information available about how to use coconut oil for health at coconutoil.com and we share tons of ways to use coconut oil like in your coffee or tea and in your everyday care products like lip balm, body butter and sunscreen. So when we came across this from Nutiva we had to share!

What is the difference between Virgin and Refined Coconut Oil?
Let’s go over the basics:

Does Virgin Coconut Oil Taste the Same as Refined Coconut Oil?
One of the most immediate differences between Virgin and Refined Coconut Oil is the taste and aroma. While Virgin (unrefined) Coconut Oil boasts a delicious, tropical coconut scent and flavor, Refined Coconut Oil has a neutral scent and flavor.To make Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, fresh coconut meat is scooped out of the shell by hand, then cold pressed, leaving just the oil which has a pure coconut flavor.

Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil is made from dried coconut meat, or copra. Unlike other companies that use harsh chemicals to produce refined coconut oil, we gently steam refine our oil to achieve a neutral-flavor. Because of our commitment to producing the highest quality products, this process is certified organic and uses absolutely no chemicals.

How Do I Use Refined Coconut Oil?
Coconut Oil can be used for baking, cooking and body & hair care. Luckily, Virgin and Refined Coconut Oil can be used interchangeably in recipes so you won’t have a problem switching between the two.

Because of the way Refined Coconut Oil is made, it has a higher smoke point (400 degrees) than Virgin Coconut Oil, making it great for sautéing, stir-frying and baking. Plus, the neutral flavor makes it ideal for recipes where a coconut flavor isn’t desired. Virgin Coconut Oil is best for medium heat cooking up to 350 degrees.

We hope this tips help. We have to help educate each other! You can click on any of the photos below to order coconut oil directly from Amazon. I DO buy mine by the gallon nowadays. I probably use about a third of that just in sugar scrubs, my favorite chemical free way to moisturize my skin! Right in the shower. ;-)

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