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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nikki's amazing skin transformation...

A few weeks ago I saw an amazing transformation on Jihan Thomas' page and I would like to thank Nikki Kellogg for allowing me to share her story with you.

You probably know someone who struggled or who currently struggles with their skin, or maybe you do. To put it simply, it affects a person on levels far deeper than the skin, so a breakthrough like this is HUGE.

Like millions of others, Nikki tried practically every product ever sold, and sometimes she'd see an improvement, but the problem never went away. As you can expect, she was frustrated, feeling like she'd never have clear skin and of course, she was so, so self conscious.

I mentioned in the post about lavender tea tree facial cleansing wipes, the 'aha' moment came for me then, because I realized the things I was using to 'clear' my skin were actually the problem all those years, and FINALLY, I got rid of my cystic acne. (click to pin that story for later) This is what Nikki discovered too. Her body was likely reacting to chemicals in the products, which can be a double edged sword since our bodies detox through the skin. Talk about a vicious cycle...

We think feeling scrubbing & tingling means we're doing something good for our skin. Not always the case. In Nikki's case these chemical products sometimes caused her skin to burn, peel, and the worst case, even bleed.

Look out for that stuff offered by 'skin experts' in lab coats. They contain chemicals that fool our bodies, and in short...that ain't good! Anything appearing on our skin is often showing an outward sign of something going on INWARD. A company selling a product off a store shelf or in an infomercial isn't going to be able to address that, nor do they care to help people achieve whole body wellness. 

Some companies are either trying to do better or just make it look like they're trying to better, but either way it's just not enough. For instance, I am seeing less triclosan and the likes in products we use today, but I see all kinds of other NEW junk. Endocrine disrupting junk. Have you heard what triclosan does? If not be sure to check that link. Unless of course puberty at age 9 or 'moobs' are cool with you. LOL! At least do yourself this huge favor - Google 'endocrine disruptors' and then come right back here... We'll wait. :-)

Mmmmk? Seriously, did you look? You need to see that. When you know what these things can do, you will understand why it is insanity to put anything like it on our skin! Our skin is our largest organ after all, and it takes in whatever is on it. (Hello, transdermal medicine patches? Yaaas, because the skin drinks it in!) Not all companies are evil, but man, a lot of them need an ---whooping! And we do that by not feeding our dollars to fat CEOs whose products are poisoning people and the planet! OK, off my soapbox...

Considering the society we live in, of course Nikki was totally skeptical about natural Young Living products and essential oils working for her, but maybe it was a blessing that she was at the end of her rope and she was really ready to try this. Thank God her sister asked her to give Young Living an honest effort, cuz...look at the difference!! Isn't it fabulous?!

Nikki does not put synthetic things on her face anymore. She only uses Young Living oil products that are great for her whole body. And now her skin is clear and just beautiful. What does that tell you?

These pictures are one year apart. Nikki's skin (and body) needed time to detox and return to balance with the right products. LOOK at that result!! WOW! That's worth any cost, time and effort right there, just in her appearance. But even more valuable is her confidence, her healthy body and what is NOT going down the drain into our ecosystem any more!

In case you haven't heard...Young Living Essential Oils WORK! 
Nikki said, "I am so grateful to be using the purest oils you can find on the market today. The quality of these oils are a game changer, and the standards that are kept with each bottle guarantees consistent results each time you use them." That's the truth. No one's quality compares to Young Living, starting with the SEEDS we grow the plants with, and that's just the beginning.

Here's Nikki's own beautifully clear skin recipe, and a big thanks to Amy of Oils Are The Answer for putting this together.

12 drops of Frankincense (Young Living)
6 drops of Lavender (Young Living)
6 drops of Purification (Young Living)
12 drops of Tea Tree (Young Living)

4-6 drops of Melrose (Young Living)
4-6 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata (Young Living)

Add to a glass dropper with 144 drops of Jojoba oil (you can get your Jojoba anywhere, as long as its good quality. I like this brand

*Nikki's routine*

1. Wash face with ART Gentle Cleanser or Orange Blossom facial wash
2. Then use ART Toner (only $24 with a Young Living account - mine lasts over a year)
3. Apply a thin layer of ART Light Moisturizer
4. Apply 5 drops of the oil blend on entire face (avoiding eye area)

1. Wash face with ART Gentle Cleanser or Orange Blossom facial wash
2. Then use ART Toner
3. Apply 7 drops of the oil blend on entire face (avoiding eye area)

Another point to address is that for me, I did not connect my skin trouble with lack of moisturizer, and especially not with oil. I thought I should be drying it out. It took an esthetician a looong time to convince me any oil applied to my face was going to help. LOL. But it was a piece of the problem, and without it I was making my problems worse...huge leap of faith for me, too. A HEARTFELT thank you to Nikki Kellogg! So many people have an opportunity to make a life changing decision because of her bravery to post this, and like she said, "This is more important than any fear I may have." God bless this girl!!

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BE part of the shift away from chemicals & synthetics. Moving toward natural and simple sure feels like the right thing for me! Every single day, we help to change statistics that need to change! We are part of a silent revolution! Together, we take corporate greed out of corporate hands and we create our own better ... everything. Let's start with better health while helping the planet and everyday small business owners in the process.

There are many ways to heal skin with the oils in the Young Living Starter Kit. Some the FDA does not even allow me to share! Buying the starter kit makes you our member, gives you a wholesale discount on any future purchases, and our team can then help you personally and privately. Message us with questions.

More life changing natural skincare ideas that we are allowed to share publicly, right here:

This recipe for eye makeup remover is THE BOMB. You'll want to keep this link because it has several natural, esthetician -approved skin care recipes. 

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