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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

post 7 - Slique - week 2 - 1/16-1/23

Yaaas! I feel Amazeballs this week!! The CRAVINGS are no longer bothering me all day, every day. I have a few nights of no sleep-eating or late night eating under my belt, so no wonder my energy on a scale of 1-10 is 'wahoo'. 😆 I may even add a double workout tomorrow so I can get my calorie burn on. If I do it will be a Zumba class because I miss it so!

I'm starting to care more about what goes into the My Fitness Pal tracker! (What? It was just stuff going into MY BODY before that!) 😂 So, last week bloat came off, which is in itself very exciting, but I'm not ready for those jeans with the faulty zipper yet. 😜 I AM happy to report my muffin top is now safely situated below my tightened belt! (And the crowd goes wild!) That's pretty awesome to not worry about!

If you don't know, I had a huge awakening after my mom died at age 57 in 2005 from complications of diabetes, and I began to take MUCH better care of myself. My daughter was born in 2006 and I lost over 100 pounds and stayed at a healthy weight for me (140-145 lbs) allll this time. Around the holidays in 2015 I quit smoking the e-cig and ended up spending 2016 fighting just to get back into my pants! I was feeling good right before the 2016 holiday season using My Fitness Pal to track calories going from 158 lbs. to 151 and I felt like I was on my way back. I guess I 'let go' real good because I got to 160 lbs. over the 2016 holiday season and felt awful. Just YUCK - the lady who can't zip up her pants. :-( When I saw the Slique challenge for 2017, I jumped on board with it right away and week two went nicely!

What I'm realizing is it is DAMN HARD to put myself back together and it is EASY AS PIE to fall out of shape! I turned 45 in 2016, so perhaps the combination of kicking the nicotine habit, my age (and maybe going from fitness instructor to blogger?!?) has something to do with this?? ***eyeroll*** UGH! IDK, but I sure as hell hope this Slique stuff works! I'll know after the full 60 days. :-)

TMI warning here... Deals with poop, sooo feel free to skip to the next paragraph! (GIGGLE!!) OK, serious now. I have a theory for which I have not located scientific evidence to back up, (pun) so this is totally unofficial, OK? Here goes... I believe when my digestive system is slow it causes me weight gain. Mmhmm, I'm noticing the correlation. Not just for the obvious reason of what's stuck (do your research, the weight of 'matter' alone can be 30-40 lbs!! OMG, check out John Wayne!), but I believe that I simply crave more food in general, in some kind of weird instinctive attempt to push it all out. What I know for sure is, when everything flows nicely, my weight stays down. When I have higher weight, it ain't flowin'. Might be coincidental, but it is my experience and I'm just sharing it. The YL Slique products seem to be helping with that whole system. I'm going like a total champ!! Thanks, Young Living!

I did take before pics and I plan to post them, but man... they're hard to look at. I suppose the more I move away from that, the bigger the improvement will be, right? 

Here's a snippet of the challenges that happened this week, how I handled them and my corresponding Instagram post is below: Post 6 -Growing up the Inner Winner

Learning to welcome this sooner and divert from drama. I believe what's meant for harm will be used for good! One of my favorite takeaways from #TonyRobbins - Life is full of things that are unfair and life is also full of joy and wonder. What you see is up to you! It's so easy to let stinkin' thinkin' creep in and create misery, but gratitude is the antidote to all that is negative. You just have to choose it. 


ICYMI here's the ALL the info from the challenge leading up to now:

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