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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Natural remedies for seasonal discomforts

Five oils you need in your life

I'd love to share what has helped me & my family through many a change of season. Mostly it's these 3 - Lavender, Lemon Peppermint...or LLP. They're known as the the LaLaPalooza of seasonal pollen in the essential oil world.

Some people benefit from just those 3 oils, some will feel fine with just one or two of them and some need a little more help.

My father posted a heartfelt and compelling testimony about his experience with Young Living essential oils a few years ago, and thanks to regulations it had to be really edited, but it's still a pretty fabulous testimony. Here's that:

"Every year for the past 29 years, when the seasons change, I suffer severely, especially with respiratory issues. I experience shortness of breath and constant stuffiness in my sinuses, nasal cavities and head. The symptoms were so bad that I was required to take several prescribed medications. That's how it was for 29 years. I even experienced times when things got so bad that these symptoms evolved into more serious issues and could have landed me in the hospital. Another thing that was exacerbated each season was my hearing loss, but that all changed this year.
5 oils to boost my immune system and support my overall health (took 4 of these essential oil supplements orally) and this year, WHAT a difference! Throughout the seasonal changes I have had NO issues! None! No shortness of breath or any of that other stuff.

I stayed well and I felt healthy throughout the entire sequence of seasonal changes without needing one prescription. Amazing! (And this year the changes were wreaking more havoc for people than usual!) These oils offer something special as supplements that really work to provide our bodies intense support. God is great! And I am blessed to have found these wonderful gifts."

So yeah... We are a changed family. That's just one of many 'wow' moments we've experienced since joining Young Living as wholesale members. I've had to get used to my jaw swinging open at least once a day!

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You're wondering what the other oils are, if you're human. Copaiba is the 4th oil taken internally. We make capsules with mostly lavender, a little lemon and peppermint and top them off with Copaiba, AKA 'the amplifier' and take them as often as we feel we need them.

Copaiba essential oil comes from South America and has the highest anti inflammatory properties of essential oils that we know of. Check out Copaiba's main chemical constituent, beta caryophyllene. < --- SRSLY, google that.

The 5th oil is the Young Living blend RC. My Dad put this on his chest and would sometimes diffuse it. RC is a blend of 3 different eucalyptus oils as well as several other tree oils, like pine and myrtle.

Are you ready to have your mind blown?!? I love this... (and thank you Terrie Martin for sharing this with me!) Trees are the lungs of the earth. Tree leaves take in what we exhale as waste, and turn that into what we need to breathe, to live. We know trees clean our air, but we've never really focused on them as the breathing mechanism of our planet, and just mmmmaybe they're designed to help the breathing mechanisms of our bodies! AMAZING, yes?! So think of TREE OILS whenever you need help with your BREATHING.

Peppermint is another 'amplifier' oil and helps with oxygenating our systems, too.

Think of lemon as nature's Goo Gone. ;-) It helps remove the goo, mucous and crud that slow everything down. Gunked up? Citrus, baby!

And lavender is known as the Swiss Army knife of essential oils, because it is SO versatile. I have seen everything from upset tummies and cramps to skin irritations GO AWAY with the use of lavender, and despite it's mighty power, it's a very calming oil. Perfect for our seasonal irritant blends.

Making choices to make changes

This is my oldest son and his skin patch allergy test circa 2010. I'm pretty sure he is allergic to everything. LOL. It seemed like every medical professional in the building came to check out the size of these welts. Needless to say, we were always at the doctor. With 3 kids, all of them having these issues, we were regulars there several times a month for years. We had a medication schedule that was substantial enough that I had to create a chart and a budget for it. It was a pain in the rear, but that part of life I accepted as 'how it is', being a parent of children with allergies. Everybody I know deals with it, too... We accept the usual treatments because that's all we have time for!

Welllll, at the end of 2013 I found Young Living and began implementing the use of essential oils and challenging the way I thought about the health of my family. Let's just say, I really miss my doctor. He's a lovely man. (Really) But I'm glad I did this for my family.

In fact, I recently called my doctor and it had been so long since we'd been in, they wanted me to fill out new patient paperwork! When I told my son it's been 5 years since he'd seen our doctor, he was just amazed at that. Now that I think about it, that's a third of his life!

Ways to use Young Living Essential Oils:

Essential oils are quickly used by the body. They get in our cells, they do their job and they get out. We generally metabolize them in under a half hour, but the effects can last much longer. Different people will respond to different oils and different ways to use the oils. I like the idea of using oils sparingly, but frequently. I also found it beneficial to change things up every once in a while. Here are 3 ways to use essential oils and some other ideas for battling seasonal discomforts. Find what works best for you.


The best way is with an ultrasonic diffuser. It puts tiny oil molecules into the air. Breathing them in gets oil into your body in under 30 seconds. Inhaling essential oils can have a profound effect on our emotions as well as aiding us physically. Cool, huh?


Diluting Young Living essential oils is always recommended to start. I'm  kind of a late bloomer, but I finally get the value of my roll-ons! Obviously our money goes farther with the dilution, but carrier oil is also a good thing so our bodies don't become sensitized to our potent EO's. (Thanks again, Terrie Martin!) 

And a HUGE thank you to Tracey Campbell with TLC One Drop At A Time for creating this graphic and for teaching me everything else I know about using essential oils! :-)

A great deal for the roll on bottles can be found here, on Amazon... These have metal rollers and a lot of high rated reviews. Both come with pippettes, labels & an essential oil 'key'. The 24 pack is a steal!!

12 for $11 http://amzn.to/2oCGRI5
or 24 for $14 http://amzn.to/2oyUPc7

Now that I get the value of dilution, both physically and financially, I have about 8 roll-ons with me at all times. I got tired of herding them up twice a day from the bottom of my purse, or the floor of my car :-/ so I bought myself this case and love it. It's padded and also fits our 5 ml and 15 ml bottles in it too - 12 bucks! ;-) http://amzn.to/2dFknCe


And the 3rd way to use essential oils, and I can ONLY speak for Young Living essential oils--read your bottle labels-- is oils taken internally. If you're not using an oil for a fun flavoring in your water because you love the taste of it, you might want to put it into a vegie capsule, like this: 

Empty vegetarian capsules are available for purchase from Young Living, as well as in health food stores and on Amazon. I get mine from all 3 sources, and here's what I'd recommend from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ohaYlG

For me, internal use was the pinnacle of feeling balanced and well, although I admit - I was very scared to try it. The idea sounded SO weird to me. Not any more. Now I'm more afraid of the disclaimers in pharmaceutical commercials...

Some people prefer to add a little carrier oil to their capsule, such as olive or coconut oil. I've heard that it helps with burping up essential oils that they aren't fond of the taste of. Personally, I kinda like burping up oils. LOL!

**If your bottle doesn't have an FDA dietary label on it, don't ingest it. If your bottle says 'do not ingest' or 'not for internal consumption' don't consume it!**  

More ideas...Out of the box:

Block it:

I've also learned a few tricks for feeling my best here and there. This is one that helps me prevent trouble and also helps my oils go further. Read --- > Pollen Block
or --- > pin it for later

Itchy eyes:

Do you have horribly itchy eyes sometimes? This is one of my FAVORITE uses for Young Living lavender essential oil that you can use anywhere. (Thank you Tracey Campbell!) Put a drop or two in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together in a circular motion a couple times and then cup your hands over your eyes (don't touch) for aaah. :-) Open and close your eyes and feel the relief. But don't try this with another brand and expect relief, please and thank you.

Amazing help for draining sinuses (oil free!):

Do you have the horrible, heavy & painful sinuses with your seasonal issues? Here's a KEEPER of a blog. Even if you never use an essential oil in your life, you need to see this information because it will provide you relief and prevent unnecessary fullness in your sinuses where bacteria multiply. Read the blog, watch the video--- > Freeflow - need help with draining sinuses?
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Does your head hurt?

Here are a BUNCH of tips if a hurting head is a problem for you. Read: Hurting head?  
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I'm not even kidding you right now, SAVE THIS WHOLE BLOG POST! It's a discomfort digest!

I would like to mention that in my experience, I was using quite a bit of essential oil my first few 'seasons'. But eventually my body just didn't need so much any more. This year is round 4 of 'seasons' and I just needed a little support once or twice a day for a few days, and now I'm good to go. It's amazing, really. But I can get used to this!

I found that it took me time to make using oils and supplements my new habit. These are so easy to take for granted when we are feeling fine and dandy, but they will be missed if they are forgotten!

Have you seen it for yourself?

If you're a person who has tried essential oils to feel better and it didn't work for you...(I don't know any of you, but I'd love to enlighten a new skeptic!) I'd ask myself these questions:

Did I try Young Living Oils yet?
Did I try Young Living Oils yet? and
Did I try Young Living Oils yet?

TRUTH. I started out with Aura Cacia oils just for fun smells. Nice and cheap at my corner store. And they were fun, but I didn't know what I could do with oils until I met Young Living. And then quality became the most important thing.

All the information I've gathered over the years was with the education my Young Living parent teams have
 provided me for free. I feel compelled to do the same and I hope you will too. This is how we change the world, folks! We change the world with where we spend our dollars and by information sharing, friend to friend.

I am not a medical professional and would NEVER ask you to substitute your own judgment for mine, in fact I implore you to do your own research, draw your own conclusions and be the CEO of your own health. I'm simply providing information on what helped me and my family.

Where to get Young Living Essential Oils:

Click here to order the therapeutic grade essential oils I use at retail prices If you're not a Young Living member too, why not?!? C
heck out more ways to use the Young Living Premium Starter Kit < --- (click for details) why oil quality matters and why ours is absolutely unmatched. (You should know!) But it's OK if you only want to see how to get started for over half off! 

BE a part of the shift away from chemicals & synthetics. Moving toward natural and simple sure feels like the right thing for me. Every single day, we can help to change the statistics! Together, we take corporate greed out of corporate hands and we create our own better...everything. Let's start with our health.

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