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Monday, April 3, 2017

post 9 - slique week 3 - 1/23-1/30

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So, I'm posting the ups and downs, right? One challenge I went through this week was that our wedding anniversary falls around the same time as my in law's anniversary, and now it also marks the passing of my mother in law. It's tough. But my husband and I get through together, we look for what's positive and we go on. I won't make the picture part of this blog, but if you'd like you may see it on Instagram. It's actually beautiful. Here's the text from it:

My father in law called me yesterday apologizing profusely for forgetting to acknowledge mine & Tom's wedding anniversary. I can see how it would slip his mind. #BeingUpset didn't even cross my mind. There's a certain #perspective we have quietly celebrating 17 years together as he's marking 3 years apart. I'm #grateful to be part of a #family who accepts and loves so unconditionally and so strong, not even death can dim it down.

Sometimes I want to eat for emotional reasons. I'm one of those who eats for everything...sadness, joy, boredom, guilt. Ya see where that could go wrong? LOL. If I make a mistake now, I'm getting back on the horse. Not always the case when I'm not part of a 'challenge'. **Mental note to self!**

My successes? Talk about a change in gears... Umm, I can feel my thighs push together with less force? LOL! When I'm walking around the house in my underwear, they don't even get stuck on each other! They're sliding right past! LOL! That's so exciting.

In general I finished each day with calories to spare. Here's a little more on what happened this week, weight and otherwise. :-)

1/25/17 My husband Tom is very competitive. His (younger) brother using MyFitnessPal for 500+ days, along with my new norm of using the tracking app has motivated him to start logging. I'm trying to not get too excited, but today (his day 3) he payed attention to calories earlier in the day... so he could come in at his goal for the day. Hmm. I would love for him to take better care of himself. We shall see! 😊

It's been interesting (and I'm sure, annoying) to remind him,"Hey, that Pepsi...don't forget to log that." 😂 Right? Haha!! It is SO easy to forget how many calories we can easily drink. Criminal, I tell you! Y'know what else is annoying? At least fifteen years of him eating whatever he wanted and being skinny! 😂

**1/26 Happy to report, I'm down 10 lbs from the start. This is gettin' good!!**

1/27 OMG he hasn't quit MFP!!! It's getting real. I think my husband is getting in shape with me! I kinda want to take a picture of his stomach when he's not looking so I have a 'before' picture...

Ohh, my man is a saint.

And from Instagram this week: Every time I get my health #BackOnTrack this is #ARevelation. Discipline and logic (AKA...'just say no' and 'math') are still required, even when I'm using Slique products. I'm sure they're helping though, because it's almost a far as I got on my own in all of last year! Dare I claim it? Yes, I do! It's 10 pounds 2 1/2 weeks in. Probably some water weight, but heck, I'll take it! It's the results that are addicting at first. Then the behavior gets a #braintag that 'this is gooood'...and so it is.

Continuing on...would be great!!

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