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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer fun essentials!

Hi! It's almost upon us... I read that the first day of summer will be June 21st in 2017, and now I can't stop wanting to hear Olaf sing, "In Summer"....

Now that I got THAT out of the way... I get some really nifty graphics with great ideas and I'd like to share these oily tips for an essentially fantastic summer with you!

Lavaderm: This graphic says it's for 'sun-kissed skin'. Hopefully you won't need anything for skin that has been smacked by the sun, right? LOL. Be careful out there! Yes, I love Lavaderm. It's not at all expensive (under $14 for wholesale members) but that may be why it's so hard to keep it in stock. (Item 3249) I might want to look into making something similar myself...

Click here if you need ideas on making your own sunscreen.

Oh yes, we do prefer our personal space to be bug-free! This natural insect repellent is a beautiful, simple recipe. Besides Citronella, there are a few oils that can be layered into your spray depending on...who you want to offend! LOL!
This is the recipe we use: Bug off!

I'll say that I've grown to like vodka better than witch hazel in my sprays because of the smell. Vodka has almost no smell (I like Kirkland's brand from Costco) and I think witch hazel smells funny after a few weeks. But, whatevs--this isn't perfume. You can dilute the witch hazel as well. Both are effective emulsifiers and help your oils to mix with water. ;-)

 I live in the dry desert and peppermint spray comes in handy for SO many things. Feeling too warm, a quick pick me up, bad breath. LOL! Especially if we are waiting in line somewhere or at an outdoor sports event. It's nice to have. I actually carry a 1 oz size of both the peppermint spray and 'bug off!' in my purse during the summer months. That's not too much to lug around and they save my butt or the butts of my friends and family fairly frequently!

I don't fish, but someday I hope to take a cruise. :-) Here are a few ways to combat the wooziness that can come with the motion of the ocean.

I know we all got feet... Unless of course you're a mermaid! :-)

I'm a mermaid. Minus the mer. :-) I've recently come to love this combo of lavender and peppermint. Calming and uplifting at the same time. 

I consider myself somewhat educated on body butter, and this recipe is about as good as it gets. Looks like a perfect recipe for feet going into socks before bed, just as the graphic suggests. To purchase ingredients to make body butter, to get a few different recipes or really awesome tips, click here: Better Body Butter

Yes, I will be needing germ killers that smell like 'home' and don't disrupt hormones. You will too! I love the products that Young Living makes, but if you'd like DIY versions, you can find those here: quickie DIY sanitzer and how to DIY Thieves spray

Just...hail yes. Life should have waaay more vacations. :-) Who's with me? So if you can't get away you can at least take a mental vacation via aromatherapy every now and again!

I love these marinade recipes because they're easy ways for us to eat healthier and grilling means no pots or pans to wash...Hallelujah!

Strawberry lemonade: Tried it! Love it! You're welcome! :-) I'm finding there's no need to throw away fruit any more. Or maybe that's just maturity... I try to buy organic produce when I can and I DISLIKE being wasteful. So when fruit starts looking less than appealing, I freeze it and later throw it in something like this.

This, I have NOT tried...but I wonder who would like to try it with me!?! You had me at 'skip the artificial ingredients' but there's tequila in it too! :-) If you need to know how to make simple syrup, you can find that in here: Secrets for great lavender lemonade

One more for good measure...the elegant DIY Citronella candle. This is so pretty and functional for your warm weather outdoor get togethers.

On behalf of Anointed By Abba, thank you for your patronage to our page and blog, and have a safe and FUN summer!!

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

25+ uses for baking soda I wish my Mom knew

Ever walk past something everyday and one day realize you never appreciated it's value? That's me and baking soda right now. Yup, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G. As in--keeping it simple, silly!

Why am I so enamored by the simple chemical compound sodium bicarbonate?

Because it makes an effective and economical toothpaste: Thyroid issues and toothpaste - choose safer options by Young Living or DIY

Baking soda can be used in a 3 ingredient mouthwash that works fabulously: Wellness By Design - DIY Mouthwash

Of course, essential oils make it better.

I'm also loving baking soda because I can make an inexpensive and organic facial treatment that produces spa results, right at home: DIY exfoliating honey mask & scrub

It's also a soothing bath soak addition: Relaxing bath salts

And baking soda cleans house like nobody's biz!! Had I known the value in baking soda sooner, I may have saved a fortune! (And had seriously defined arms. :-) There are plenty of Fortune 500 companies out there that'd rather you not know this - a toxin free home is inexpensive, simple and with the added power of Young Living Essential Oils - it can smell like heaven!

Did you know this? It's a new idea for me in the last few of my 46 years. This is a staple recipe you need to know about! Besides the financial savings, the WHY for saving our bodies and our planet are in here: all natural DIY dishwashing tips & recipes

PLUS, links to ALL the cool green dishwashing tips we've collected - from the young and old! ;-)

Carpet freshener, soft scrub, glass cooktop and stove cleaner, oven cleaner, grill cleaner, toilet, tub and tile cleaner, all with this 2 ingredient product base. Read about those by clicking here: Multi Purpose Power Powder

In my Spring cleaning quest 2017, I got to go deeper and cleaned out some of the toxic personal care products from my medicine cabinet. As I went through my kitchen, which has been mostly green the last few years, I actually added something...

This is my trash cabinet. Unfortunately, the design of my kitchen left me few choices for concealing the garbage can. I suppose I can thank God that the can is small and the bag is changed frequently, but the drawer above it is my silverware drawer!! (Eeek)

Occasionally something gross smelling in the trash would waft up to my nostrils when I went to grab forks for dinner, and that aint flyin' with me! See the mason jar by the water tank? It's now full of the multi purpose power powder, with extra essential oils like lemongrass in it. I mix up more of that at one time now, and just stash some extra down here. I know I said 25+ uses for baking soda...but #4,662, 420 may be more accurate! 

After a few weeks it'll be replaced with fresh stuff and I'll use this batch for scrubbing! 
On top of the cabinet and over a couple inches is my kitchen sink where I keep all my YL & DIY goodies in a tray, including the Multi Purpose Power Powder. Multi purpose power powder is REALLY getting a lot of use for just PENNIES. 

Do you still buy Comet?!? Can you brush your teeth with Comet? (That's a hail no) Just something to think about.

These are the simple DIY recipes I wish I'd known about long ago, but my parents just weren't taught. My grandparents knew some of these things, and probably my great grandparents, who came to the United States from Europe around the turn of the century. What I wouldn't give to chat with them now, knowing what I know today... I can picture myself eating a peach from their tree and taking notes between bites. :-)

For sure, my kids know more on this subject than I did at their age. And it's about time. Our bodies are trying to tell us something that we ought to listen to. Here are a few more uses for baking soda you may find useful around the house:

From LoveTheWatsons@blogspot.com : Garbage disposal bombs

Mix it up, press it into a silicone mold such this, and give it 24 hours to dry

Baking soda in the laundry room:

Laundry and soft scrub tip: all natural bleach alternative

Didjya know?  Making washing soda from baking soda is SO easy!

And from that, we can make an all natural stain stick?!? Where have I been all my life?!?

I'm certain there are many more uses for this cheap and plentiful compound of sodium bicarbonate that I have yet to discover... I'm just glad I got started. I buy a 13.5 lb bag of Arm & Hammer baking soda at Costco for less than $8.00 and clean, polish, disinfect and deodorize for about a year!

**I wanted to mention how long baking soda has been around, so I did a quick search and now m
y mind is so BLOWN I can't unblow it! I could fill a lot of blogs with what else baking soda can do. And I just might... But do yourself a favor and look up 'sodium bicarbonate' on wikipedia or a site you trust - today! I bet a lot of people could feel healthier by incorporating baking soda into their lives. We need to share this information with other people.**

SO!! Baking soda was introduced in the 1860's and it's earning major respect from me.  One fact I must share is that while creating the nuclear bomb, it was discovered that the only effective way of cleaning uranium-contaminated clothing was with 6 ounces of baking soda added to 2 gallons of water.

Uh, WOW. I'm curious how many of today's issues can be resolved with yesteryear's discoveries...

And I giggle to think- baking soda is a baby compared to essential oils!

If you're not a member of Young Living yet, why not?! It's easier and less expensive than you think. Every day, we help to change the statistics that need changing! To order an oil or two, click ---> here and choose retail.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Cleaning Personal Care Product Makeover

Truth! This year I went deeper on my Spring Cleaning. I've been hanging on to things I really don't want to have in my life anymore, so here are a few ideas from a medicine cabinet makeover.

Here's a story... of an average lady... who was bringing up 3 lovely kids-in-the-'burbs.

Well, that's me. :-) Just doing the best I can, like most of us are. And when I learned a few new tricks to do even better, I grabbed on with both hands. But apparently I didn't want to let go... HA! 

And one day when the lady met YLEO. And she knew that it was much more than hunch. That these oils would somehow change her family. That's the way they all became the Anointed Bunch. :-)

So with each year I get better and better at cleaning up my family's personal care products and replacing them with these easy & non-toxic DIY's, but was still hanging on to all this junk. :-/ Honestly, it'll be a while before I can get rid of it ALL. But I think I'm about 65% there.

Here's a huge ugly offender. Buh-bye baby powder. Replaced! With 2 ingredients that don't cause cancer. Read it here: https://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2016/02/baby-powder-alternative.html

Do you have some of THIS at home, too?! What if I told you you could make something better? 

Something that was not only effective and non toxic, but also health promoting AND less expensive. Wouldn't you want to know about that?

Hexalyne glycol? Parabens?!? And not one, two or three, but FIVE kinds of SLS? FRAGRANCE? Nope, nope, nope....

We DID create something better, and then some: https://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2016/02/simple-diy-eye-makeup-remover.html < --- that.is.good

My friend and YL leader Tracey Campbell has been so instrumental in these changes. And she has such cute taste! I'm in love with this trash can Tracey has and wanted one too! :-) Aint it cute? You can have one too, if you want....They're currently $16.84 right here on Amazon.

I think using plants for their amazing skillz is a great idea, and I'm only recently realizing this. Ten years ago, I thought Ben Gay was what I needed for sore muscles. 

A little education goes a long way!

Now I know I can make something similar with the active ingredients myself, but without all the hard to pronounce... garbage! Which is exactly where this is going. Or I can replace it with an AMAZING Young Living product, Cool Azul Pain Cream. Check out the video to see WHY this works. It really is AMAZING!

Heh? PEG-40? Yellow 6, red 40?!? No thanks... 

But looookie there, what does that label say about the constituents of eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen & thyme? Something I can't say! Lol. Mmmighty good information!

Thanks to Tina with Wellness by Design, we easily replaced this mouthwash with salt, essential oils and baking soda, while upcycling a Ningxia Red bottle to boot!! Yippee!

The active ingredient listed on this bottle of a big store brand antibacterial soap... has been found not to be active at all! (BOO!) Triclosan is not only NOT effective for killing germs, but additionally, it's been linked to several different health issues related to a disrupted endocrine system. (BOOBOO!)

Replaced! With Rosewater body wash 

and Heavenly orange honey body wash 

and Young Living lavender body wash,

and Young Living bath & shower gel base (which is never boring with + 5,000,000 oil combinations, I can put into a bazillion pretty packages with gajillions of my favorite skin conditioners!) We have OPTIONS, people!

I am grateful to have taken such a huge step in transforming this cabinet!

If you're doing Spring Cleaning, you might want a nice Spring diffuser recipe or two. :-)

So, why aren't YOU a part of this quiet revolution? There is a shift away from lab-created chemicals, and toward all that is naturally good and WE are making it happen! If you're not a member of Young Living, why not?! Every day, we help to change the statistics that need changing! To order an oil or two, click ---> here and choose retail.

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DIY Mouthwash

Our beautiful buddy Tina Fitzloff with Wellness by Design shared this mouthwash recipe with us at a make and take, and she gave us permission to share it with all of you! This recipe was actually made in a Ningxia Red bottle. How's that for smart upcycling? Here are the simple ingredients Tina used. You can make this right now!!

1 tsp salt (pink Himalayan if you have it!)
1 1/2 tsp of baking soda
Young Living Essential Oils of your liking...

Tina says, "I like clove or Thieves, peppermint, orange, and Melrose. I use about 5 drops of each, but sometimes that can be too much on the peppermint for some people."  :) So if you're a new oiler, try a little less peppermint to start. Tina had her dry ingredients in ziploc bags and simply snipped a corner off to neatly pour them into her bottle. The oils went in next, and then Tina topped it off with filtered water. That's it! If you are DIYing in a different bottle, know that the Ningxia Red bottle holds approximately 3 cups of water and adjust your recipe as needed.

SO simple! Why spend wads of cash on the fake colors and alcohol? Really! I learned a lot about what our oils can do by studying the back of a storebought mouthwash that I'm just about throw away. LOL. More on that here: 

Spring Cleaning Personal Care Product Makeover

Tina's Facebook page is here: Wellness By Design - give her a like! And folks who'd like to get a discount on the same Young Living Oils that Tina uses can sign up and buy oils right here: https://bit.ly/YLwithTina

Monday, May 15, 2017


As the school year wraps up I'd love to share what's been going on in our household the last few days. Diffusing ATTITUDES! This might be my new favorite use for Young Living Essential Oils...Lol!

Shared on the Anointed by Abba Facebook page last week: It worked on my soon to be 11 year old daughter yesterday... Today, it's my teenaged son's turn. He'll. never. know. what. hit. him. Mwahaha! Diffusing a couple extra drops to get in ALL the nooks and crannies. Who do YOU know that needs the #joybomb ???

For those wanting to know, I used 5 Joy and 6 Jade lemon in my 16 year old son's room while he was at school, which is a lot of oil. Normally I'd use 2-3 Joy and 4-5 of a citrus, but in the past I always used it for myself. 

Here's where I got the idea that a 'joybomb' might work: :-)  https://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2017/03/joyin-your-man-underwear.html?m=1 < --- click

And the update to the Teenage Joybomb story? #Winner! I sat with my eldest on Mother's Day and shared the 'joy bomb' I dropped in his room on Friday. LOL! He actually loved the idea and commented, 'Yeah, I did feel better that day, Mom!' ☺️ He's a fan of YLEO and is open to them a little more than my younger son. As I reflect on the Mother's Day weekend now, he was such a sweetie and gave me the surprise "I love you Mom"'s peppered throughout the weekend for no reason at all. (Made me cry those happy tears!)

It worked so well, today I gave all my kids a 5ml Joy and a couple other new oils for their collections. This is fun. :-) And thank God I have help that 5 years ago I didn't even know existed.

So, today I'm #joybombing the middle child's room (interesting combo of attitudes this weekend--13 years old--need I say more?) and I LOVE this new #YLEO combo I came up with! It's wafting through the whole house right now...and I might need it more than he does!

It's only been 2 short years since my oldest was promoted from middle school, and in a few months he'll be a junior in high school! The amount of personal growth he's had between then and now is HUGE and the contrast may be what makes me want to feel a little sad, but really... it's a time for gratitude. Children are gifts from God that aren't ours forever and it's important to make this time joyful.

With 'middle guy' already rolling up to the middle school promotion milestone in a few days, I'm appreciating #joybomb2 a TON today! I'm confident it'll work for him like it did on the rest of my family, and it's doing double duty as my 'joyful seat belt' as well, cuz this 
is going by way too fast!!!

I used 5 Joy and 6 Northern Lights Black Spruce and set the diffuser to intermittent at 8 am (it's the #JasmineDiffuser --runs 22 hrs on that setting!) to start getting the Joy alllll up our biz. Lol. I like the black spruce for the grounding it provides and love how it smells with everything, but even I did not expect how wonderful these two would smell together!

Today I have such gratitude for Gary Young and his masterful art of creating blends to help with EMOTIONS. Thanks Gary Young for sharing God's gifts! :-) Here's a sneak peak at one of the highlights of my Mother's Day weekend--the simple joy in my kids making me LAUGH. 

Another way to do a "Joybombing" came to us courtesy of an Anointed By Abba fan, Monika McKennie. (Have I mentioned our followers are BRILLIANT?!?) She joybombs someone who shall remain unnamed, ahem, via laundry! How SMART is that?!? Ladies--this could be our best secret weapon!

More laundry tips here --- > How & why to reduce fabric softener

If you're interested in learning more about the Jasmine diffuser, a great place to check it out is right in here: 
Best Spring Diffuser Blends 2017

If you'd like to know how to get your own Young Living Essential oils, click here to learn how to get started for half off: bit.ly/AnointedByAbba

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