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Monday, May 15, 2017


As the school year wraps up I'd love to share what's been going on in our household the last few days. Diffusing ATTITUDES! This might be my new favorite use for Young Living Essential Oils...Lol!

Shared on the Anointed by Abba Facebook page last week: It worked on my soon to be 11 year old daughter yesterday... Today, it's my teenaged son's turn. He'll. never. know. what. hit. him. Mwahaha! Diffusing a couple extra drops to get in ALL the nooks and crannies. Who do YOU know that needs the #joybomb ???

For those wanting to know, I used 5 Joy and 6 Jade lemon in my 16 year old son's room while he was at school, which is a lot of oil. Normally I'd use 2-3 Joy and 4-5 of a citrus, but in the past I always used it for myself. 

Here's where I got the idea that a 'joybomb' might work: :-)  https://anointedbyabba.blogspot.com/2017/03/joyin-your-man-underwear.html?m=1 < --- click

And the update to the Teenage Joybomb story? #Winner! I sat with my eldest on Mother's Day and shared the 'joy bomb' I dropped in his room on Friday. LOL! He actually loved the idea and commented, 'Yeah, I did feel better that day, Mom!' ☺️ He's a fan of YLEO and is open to them a little more than my younger son. As I reflect on the Mother's Day weekend now, he was such a sweetie and gave me the surprise "I love you Mom"'s peppered throughout the weekend for no reason at all. (Made me cry those happy tears!)

It worked so well, today I gave all my kids a 5ml Joy and a couple other new oils for their collections. This is fun. :-) And thank God I have help that 5 years ago I didn't even know existed.

So, today I'm #joybombing the middle child's room (interesting combo of attitudes this weekend--13 years old--need I say more?) and I LOVE this new #YLEO combo I came up with! It's wafting through the whole house right now...and I might need it more than he does!

It's only been 2 short years since my oldest was promoted from middle school, and in a few months he'll be a junior in high school! The amount of personal growth he's had between then and now is HUGE and the contrast may be what makes me want to feel a little sad, but really... it's a time for gratitude. Children are gifts from God that aren't ours forever and it's important to make this time joyful.

With 'middle guy' already rolling up to the middle school promotion milestone in a few days, I'm appreciating #joybomb2 a TON today! I'm confident it'll work for him like it did on the rest of my family, and it's doing double duty as my 'joyful seat belt' as well, cuz this 
is going by way too fast!!!

I used 5 Joy and 6 Northern Lights Black Spruce and set the diffuser to intermittent at 8 am (it's the #JasmineDiffuser --runs 22 hrs on that setting!) to start getting the Joy alllll up our biz. Lol. I like the black spruce for the grounding it provides and love how it smells with everything, but even I did not expect how wonderful these two would smell together!

Today I have such gratitude for Gary Young and his masterful art of creating blends to help with EMOTIONS. Thanks Gary Young for sharing God's gifts! :-) Here's a sneak peak at one of the highlights of my Mother's Day weekend--the simple joy in my kids making me LAUGH. 

Another way to do a "Joybombing" came to us courtesy of an Anointed By Abba fan, Monika McKennie. (Have I mentioned our followers are BRILLIANT?!?) She joybombs someone who shall remain unnamed, ahem, via laundry! How SMART is that?!? Ladies--this could be our best secret weapon!

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