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Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Young Living frankincense helped my Dad

Hi Anointed By Abba viewers! There are so many ways Young Living essential oils have made my life better! I wanted to share one that's not often mentioned--peace of mind.  What's that worth to you? 

I must mention that the visible booboo on my Dad's arm is NOT what we are talking about. That came by accident from my daughter's fake nails (😳)...(them R dangerous!) If you watch this short video you'll see what Young Living's Frankincense did for him! (and for all of us) I can share that my family enjoyed our time together so much more because of our oils. 

It's no secret that Frankincense is great for skin, but we were so impressed with what we were able to see with our own eyes, I felt a personal responsibility to share with anyone who'd like to hear the information. Of course we'd never claim to diagnose, treat or cure anything, and implore you to do your own research.

There's an important distinction between Frankincense that we at Young Living harvest from Oman and from other Frankincense out there...efficacy. Getting quality frankincense is NOT easy. This is one of the most faked oils out there! Only frankincense steam distilled from the resin of the boswelia tree, grown in THAT specific region of the world, has the strength to assist the skin in being it's healthiest. Other companies may offer something that smells similar or claim to be pure or organic...but nobody cares like Young Living does. In my opinion, anything besides Young Living is a waste of money. 

If you'd like more information about frankincense, you might appreciate the information in our blog on Frankincense tea < --- click dat!

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