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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Taking spring into summer - diffuser blends

WELL! In Arizona, the kids got out of school at the end of MAY and we didn't leave time to feel any end of school year emotions before we embarked on a trip of a lifetime. My husband planned a trip to bring his Dad back to the country his family emigrated from--Poland! And boy, was it awesome. We brought the whole family and my Dad, too. I'm still only partway through posting the pictures on our Instagram...

Since returning we have a brand new 11 year old daughter in the house and our 13 and 16 year old boys will both become a year older soon, too. Some posts recently covered how we are loving that #Joybomb over here!

Now that we have a lull in the schedule there's a sense of relief as well as a little bit of being... well, bummed out! It's my job as homemaker to help guide 'the people' (that's what I call my family) toward the bazillions of things we have to be grateful for. The official temperatures in Phoenix were probably less than 120 degrees Farenheit but I got a couple 124's and a 127 on my car thermometer, so YEAH. It's been HOT. Like a heat you can't imagine...  And back to that role I have as homemaker!!!

So this is what we're diffusing today. Breathing in a touch of Peppermint always helps me feel cooler, and there will be some kids helping mom with chores in a minute - with a smile!

Yeppp! I learned from Tony Robbins that everything good in life begins with gratitude. It is the antidote to pretty much every negative emotion on the planet, so it's good practice to reflect on all those things in your life there are to be grateful for. 

 This blend smells ahMAZING, folks. You will love. I've diffused this during the day as well as at night time, so I could fall asleep "counting my blessings instead of sheep!" :-) The Young Living blend, Gratitude is designed to help us embrace the blessings in life. The aroma invites 'feelings of emotional and spiritual progress' and those are guests I believe I'd like to have "Come on in!"

This one is interesting...  Now and then I get requests to create blends (which i LOVE to do!) I have a Young Living 'cousin', Shelbi, who asked me if I would create a diffuser blend that smelled like her grandfather's pipe!!! Different, huh?! Here's what we came up with... Very relaxing actually.

This is Shebi's creation, right here. She got me interested in the patchouli/lime combo and came up with the name, too! :-)

And this one, because....YUMTASTICNESS!!!

This is too cute! Throwing this one in here so when I whip this post out next year, we can try an Easter Peeps diffuser blend!!

Even though it feels like summer started a while ago here in AZ we're just a couple days into the season. Hard to believe. And school will be starting before I know it. Take this advice: Savor summer!!!!

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