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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

25 best DIY YLEO flavor combos for DIY kitchen soap!

So, this happened...DIY Creamy Lime & Coriander Hand Soap. (click it for the recipe) And once I stopped washing my hands... I compiled a list of some favorites for the kitchen.

I am amazed at the never-ending list of beautiful scent combinations I can make - all on my own - since I became a Young Living Member. And I feel REALLY good about it!

These flavors are great in a foaming hand soap too. Have you done that yet? It's SO easy! Would you consider it if you knew you could make it for pennies per bottle? Or if you knew it wasn't bad for your body? How about if it was actually something that promoted good health, would it be worth checking out? :-) Start here: Basic Foaming Soap Tutorial (Please pardon the silliness, thanks!) 

And a little more advanced oiler will appreciate this scent combo in the fall, but ANYONE with a big family will appreciate an XL Bottle Foaming Soap Recipe! This one is 14 ounces, and it can be made with or without the Thieves cleaner. This is the size you need if you're always running out or refilling. ;-)

I'm just curious... What do you use for hand soap around your house?

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Do your family and the planet a favor. Avoid synthetic fragrance. One of the easiest ways is to make your own soap. :-) 


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