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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DIY Creamy Lime & Coriander Hand Soap -Toxin Free

Well, Hellooooo creamy handsoap! For those of you with super dry hands, here's a way to cleanse effectively without stripping your skin of moisture - AND - without synthetic chemicals. Below we share a few more ways to do just that, but this time I used Young Living's Bath and Shower Gel Base to get a thick base.

I love using the base for things like Rosewater body wash or for creating any flavor shower gel I like. Easy, safe, boom. We just made it into a creamy hand soap.

I used the whole bottle, but feel free to cut the recipe down any way you want. I suggest blending the soap base and shea butter extremely well. Only add essential oils once your mixture is in an oil-safe glass or stainless steel container. I did let my first batch sit for a few days to see what would happen. The bubbles did settle, but the volume only shrunk a
 tiny bit and it stayed creamy. 

Isn't this flavor awesome?!?!?
 There are more flavor/scent combinations coming in a blog post soon.

I think this recipe will be a good one to 'marry' with Heavenly Honey Orange Body Wash.  **Gasp**

Can you imagine?!?

Click here for more ideas on --- > cleaning up your personal care items and ---- > making foaming hand soap. There really is no reason to buy this from the big box companies. Let's help small business people and let's help the environment. 

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