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How to buy Young Living Oils - Tina Fitzloff

If you don't have a Young Living account you can click here and create one for free: Create a Young Living account Choose 'retail' to order a couple oils, or choose 'member' for a wholesale account to get the Premium Starter Kit AND receive a 24% discount on any future purchases. (It's the smartest way to start!)

Young Living Premium Starter Kit:

Included with starter kit for $160:

  • Dewdrop or Home diffuser pictured
  • 10 oil samples: 2 each Young Living Peace & Calming blendPurification blendThieves blendlemon and peppermint
  • 2 Ningxia Red samples (super food drink supplement made from wolfberry and essential oils. EO allow the body to absorb more nutrients and dispose of waste more efficiently) 
  • roller ball fitment
  • 10 sample bottles and cards for sharing
  • plenty of written information to get you started using essential oils for better health and a happier you
and 11 (5) ml bottles of our most popular oil singles and blends:

A few of the bazillions 
of ways we use these oils:

Equally as important are the things that we can not say when we share Young Living with you, due to the rules of the FDA. This document gives great examples: say this, not that < --- You'll want to click that one!

"What about the quality?"

Therapeutic grade essential oils--yes, it totally matters! What goes ON you goes IN you. Your skin is busy taking in the substances that go on it, just like your lungs take substances from the air and put them into your blood. Young Living is the ONLY company that owns their own farms, owns their own SEEDS (hello, non-GMO!) and oversees the entire process from seed to seal. Most companies producing essential oil today 'jumped on the bandwagon' and produce oil with only the smell in mind, because they want to make fast money. There are hundreds of constituents in every plant's essential oil that protect it from things like fungus, bacteria, weather and invaders, on and on. Way beyond the scent, and every single batch of Young Living's essential oil is tested before it's bottled to be sure it has the proper amount of each of the constituents that make the oils 'work'. 

One of the best things about Young Living is the quality. That's why we can drop in on their farms anytime and see their entire process
 in action. Who else offers that? Um, no one!! At the seed to seal microsite you'll find 5 short videos describing each of the process steps, but they're so modest. Young Living is so incredibly serious about quality, we don't want to overwhelm or bore you with the details, but feel free to message us if you'd like to hear more of the scientific information. (#SRSLY...mind blowing)

"Can't I buy this at a health food store?"

No! You will NOT find quality essential oil on any store shelf. What you will find will say "DO NOT EAT" or "NOT FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION" because, not only do most companies start with sub-par plants grown in conditions not ideal for quality oils, they extract only part of the oil, they use chemical solvents and they add cheap synthetic fillers to extend it. Those are not only NOT good for you, they're actually bad for you. The Young Living label has FDA dietary guidelines on it. That's important!

Look, every company out there is going to try to copy the best, but no other company will ever be able to just 'whip up' decades of passion and research. No one exists that cares about essential oils like Gary Young. He created each blend, the processes for gentle steam distilling and this entire entity for a purpose--not a profit. If you've tried oils somewhere else and thought they didn't work like I did, you're going to want to give it another try with us.

"I'm not sure about the whole kit."

I understand. $160 sounded like a lot to me too. I'm saving so much money AND time now, because I'm at the doctor only for checkups and using oils instead of so many other things that used to cost me a lot at Walgreen's, CVS and Target. No more coupon clipping for the toxic cleaners and personal care products I used to buy. The more I learned the more I loved, and I now also spare my body and the planet from unnecessary toxins. The smartest option is the Premium Starter Kit. With that you get 24% off future purchases and limitless support. The value of the kit is over $300, but the support is invaluable.

Once you enroll, Tina with Anointed by Abba will be in contact with you to help you get going. You never have to be alone on your journey with Young Living. We'll guide you to the most abundant continuing education imaginable. It. Is. Priceless - and you will NOT find this with any other essential oil company. That we assure you!

I would like to add that I have learned more about health and the human body from my Young Living groups than even my own doctor could teach me. Not anything bad on my doctor, either. This is simply much bigger. It's a movement of people... educating other people... because THEY LOVE PEOPLE! What a concept, eh?

In case you didn't realize this, there ARE a few generations of us who've been brainwashed by big pharma, big food and big business. Time to wakey, wakey? YES! Yes, it is! Invest in your own health, take the corporate greed out of corporate hands and BE part of this silent revolution.


You don't have to wait for a sale or a voucher code to get the best deal from us! For as long as we can, we're offering anyone who buys their Young Living Premium Starter Kit using the link below **$25 back! Mmmhmm! That's right... We'll apply a $25 credit to your new Young Living account, or if you prefer we'll reimburse you $25 through PayPal to purchase your own essential oil educational materials to help you in achieving your goals. If you're ready to purchase YOUR Young Living Premium Starter Kit, join through this link: Click to BUY OIL! 

Email us with your preference of account credit or your PayPal address, and we'll reimburse you $25 in 21 days. What a great deal, and how simple is that? 

**You MUST use one of the links in this blog to sign up for a wholesale account and buy a Premium Starter kit to qualify. Sorry, this offer does not apply to retail accounts. Being anointed has it's benefits!


Need to know more about the enrollment process? Watch a short video by clicking this link! 
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What is Essential Rewards? Answers to this and other frequently asked Q & A 

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